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The value and function of testosterone.

Although we all wanted to avoid in this book a conversation on serious theoretical and scientific and technical topics, so that it would buy testosterone online with credit card not turn out that the book would look more like a textbook on biology than a useful source of information when taking pharmaceuticals, it is necessary to make some exceptions first. Since testosterone is the basis of almost all anabolic / androgenic steroids, each athlete must have basic knowledge of this hormone. Everything that is written in this chapter about testosterone relates to varying degrees of anabolic / androgenic steroids. Anyone who carefully reads this short introductory chapter will be well-versed in the many qualities discussed in the pages of this book of steroids.


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This chapter begins the practical part of the book. We have already tried to briefly describe, as far as possible, the subsequent topics. Special attention is paid here to a detailed, detailed description of anabolic / androgenic steroids and other pharmaceutical preparations used by athletes.

The medications listed are in alphabetical order. And since each active chemical substance is often present in many very different preparations, we, as a rule, give here the brand name of the preparation. In some exceptional cases, the very name of the chemical in the product is listed here in our alphabetical list. After the name of the drug itself is always indicated the active substance specified in the list of medication. Under the heading "trade names" A list of products sold in Europe that by all means contain the above-mentioned active chemical substance. In addition, the quantities of this substance in the preparation, the form of release, the names of the manufacturer and the country of the manufacturer are indicated. Then follows a detailed description of the drugs.


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Testosterone is the most important representative of the male sex hormones – androgens. The basis for the formation of this group of hormones is cholesterol in the body. The production of androgens in the male body is done by the sex cells of the male reproductive glands (testicles). As a final product, testosterone occurs, which performs three functions in the body:

He is responsible for the manifestation of the secondary sexual characteristics of the male body (increased body hair, breaking the voice, increased activity of the sweat glands, penis formation, aggressiveness, sexual behavior, libido, etc.) and for the maturation of sperm. All of the above refers to the androgenic function of testosterone. What distinguishes men from women is the amount of testosterone produced daily by the male and female body. Every day, 4 to 10 mg of testosterone is produced in the body of men, women – 0.15 – 0.4 mg, that is, 1/25 part.

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Promotes protein biosynthesis. And for this are already responsible for the anabolic quality of testosterone. With its help, accelerated muscle growth, enhanced formation of red blood cells, faster tissue regeneration, shortened recovery period after injuries and past diseases are achieved. Improves overall metabolism, activates fat burning.

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Sedation of the primitive regular circle. This circle covers the reflex arc "Hypothalamus – Hypophis – Testicles", which regulates the body's testosterone levels. If the concentration of testosterone in the blood is high, the testicles signal to the hypothalamus that it is necessary to produce less luteinizing releasing hormone. And through this, the pituitary gland is transmitted information about a smaller release of luteinizing hormone gonodropins and follicular stimulating hormone. As a result, the germ cells of the testes reduce the level of testosterone production.

Interestingly, the female sex hormone Estradiol also has the effect of a gonodal regular circle. Even small amounts of this hormone have an effect on the hypothalamus, which is expressed, as you already understood, in reducing the amount of testosterone produced by the testes. This information is especially important for athletes – bodybuilders who use steroids, which easily turn into estrogen in the body. For the first time, testosterone was isolated by scientists from the testicles of bulls and obtained in crystalline form in 1935. In the 1940s, injectable testosterone was produced in large quantities in Europe in order to speed up the healing process of patients with dystrophy, especially prisoners of war.

It is possible that testosterone was also used against German soldiers at that time in order to increase their aggressiveness. In the late forties, the USAn weightlifters discovered a new quality of exogenous testosterone: its ability to stimulate achievement, which then allowed it to set more and more new records.

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General information about steroids.

Today, almost every word "steroids" immediately thinks of anabolic steroids, known to amateurs under the name "anabolic". However, it is often forgotten that "steroids" – This is the general name of a whole group of various steroid hormones. Among them are adrenal cortex hormones (gluco- and mineralcorticoid), female sex hormones (estrogens and gestagens), as well as male sex hormones (androgens). This book will deal exclusively with the latter – androgens. With their most important representative, testosterone, the reader has already met in the previous chapter. Therefore henceforth with the word "steroids" We will keep in mind anabolic-androgenic steroids.

Anabolic – androgenic steroids are synthetic synthesized preparations, similar in some qualities to the natural male hormone androgen – testosterone. The main reason for their development was the intention to create a drug that would have high anabolic qualities of testosterone, but at the same time exclude its strong androgenic capabilities. "Great efforts have been made to create a pure anabolic without androgenic admixture. "adverse events" (Kakhakian, 1976; Kryuskemper, 1965)." (Quote from "Doping – illicit drugs in sports", p. 51, Dirk Klazing oral testosterone steroids for sale, Manfred Donike, and others.). To realize this idea, enormous changes were made to the steroid molecule. The newly created steroids differ at that time either by their low anabolic androgenic function, or they have increased efficiency with respect to both qualities. Some steroids received such structural changes that led to even higher androgenicity and low anabolic activity. This explains the differences in action, efficacy, and side effects of existing steroids. The creation of a pure anabolic, where the anabolic and androgenic qualities of the steroid would be completely severed, failed. Therefore, the so-called anabolic steroid (anabolic) has a certain amount of androgenic effects, and vice versa, the androgenic steroid (androgen) has anabolic qualities.

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And so you think that for the rapid acquisition of strength and muscle building is better to use an anabolic steroid with minimal androgenicity. Nothing like this, because title "anabolic steroid" nothing tells you about the strength of the anabolic effect, it is only known that the anabolic-androgenic ratio of the initial testosterone-the ancestor is shifted here. To determine this ratio and (determine) the steroid as an anabolic or androgen, testosterone is used as a parameter. So, steroids, in which androgenic qualities are reduced, are defined as "anabolic steroid", and those where androgenic qualities are higher – "androgenic steroids". What is the problem? In that the decrease in the androgenic activity of the drug invariably entails a decrease in its anabolic qualities, therefore, the anabolic is less androgenic than the original testosterone, but at the best prohormones of 2015 same time it has lower anabolic qualities. When reading the following chapters, the reader will understand that the so-called "bulk steroids" come exclusively from the group of androgenic steroids, where, along with enhanced androgenic qualities, there are very strong anabolic. "… the best androgen, or rather testosterone, is the most important anabolic for a man". (of "Doping – illicit drugs in sports", Dirk Klazing, Manfred Donike, and others.) Before the athlete there is a dilemma of what to choose, because Androgenic steroids are not only strong in terms of their anabolic qualities, but unfortunately they have a lot of side effects. It follows from this: the more effective a steroid is, the more it is androgenic, and therefore more dangerous for the body.

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Therefore, one should not agree with the often heard today opinion that anabolic steroids cause persistent, non-reversible damage in their host. This is partly true, androgenic steroids are also responsible for most side effects. But the general opinion is: "Steroids destroy the liver" – absurd, because steroid steroid discord.

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The first anabolic / androgenic steroids officially entered the trade in the early 50s. And a decade later, most of the drugs sold today were on the market. Because recently, only a small number of new drugs have emerged, these above mentioned are only relatively referred to as old ones. Of course, for all these years, some changes have been made, especially in relation to the steroid sector of the drug. Many drugs have been withdrawn from trade, some have arisen in other countries under a different name and are being sold again, in the 80s several new ones were added. Steroids are still considered the most effective means to improve athletic performance. Back in the 50s, they firmly won their place in the world of sports. The introduction of dianabol, an oral steroid, which was created by the team doctor, American weightlifters Dr. John Ziegler, in his collaboration with the pharmaceutical company C1BA in 1956, played a significant role in the emergence of the relationship between steroids and sports. This drug and its followers found their place in the late 50s, first among weight-lifters, then widely spread in all other areas. Then its lightning spread in the 60-70s contributed to the movement "Woodybulding". Increasingly, they began to apply and athletes. In 1974, the International Olympic Committee decided to include anabolic steroids in the general list of doping.

"The 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal were the first to be monitored for anabolic steroids.". (of "Doping in sport" Zeling, Pollert, Nakfort). To date, there has been an unprecedented spread of these medicines, as stated in his book "Records with doping?" Melvin X. Williams: "Anabolic steroids are a group of medications that are similar to the epidemic in sports.". It is estimated that over a million Americans' take anabolic steroids, including athletes and athletes of all age groups, ranging from professionals to teens – schoolchildren. The black market has grown, earning from the steroid trade an annual income of about 100 mil. $. "One of the reasons for the increasing use of anabolic / androgenic steroids is the growing popularity of bodybuilding. It is clear that is in close connection with the spread of steroids. Consuming them is directly proportional to the growing love of bodybuilding. When entered the arena in the 70s, steroids became even more famous. In the 80s when this sport became even more widespread, it happened with steroids. At the end of this decade, when became popular in universities, this also affected steroids." ("Anabolic Handbook", 6th edition, 1991, W.N. Phillips). And while we admire best place to buy testosterone cypionate the muscles of the human body, while the use of anabolic / androgenic steroids has nothing to oppose from natural products, it is impossible to achieve the refusal of athletes from taking these pharmaceuticals. Clenbuterol's popularity shows that it helps athletes reach their goals faster. And if growth hormones were on sale at reasonable prices, then they would be as widely used as steroids.

Still, steroids are not a miracle cure, because its effectiveness depends on factors such as training, nutrition, mood, genetic predisposition of each individual athlete. The decisive factor is the last of these, showing how an athlete corresponds to one or another steroid of genetics.


adminThe value and function of testosterone.