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Testosterone teramex.

Active chemical: testosterone hertilat.


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 Testosterone termeks 50, 100, 250 mg / ml: Teramex France.

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This steroid is adored by French, Belgian and Dutch sun pharma testosterone cypionate athletes. Some German athletes who have access to this one-of-a-kind original also value its qualities highly. Testosterone terameks, like any other injectable testosterone rapidly increases strength and mass. He seems to have a better effect than a milligram per milligram than enanthate and cypionate, as evidenced by its relatively conservative doses of 250 to 500 mg per week and the gains achieved with their help. Athletes using this steroid. talk about the incredible effect of the pump. Testosterone terramex has a strong effect on protein synthesis in the muscle cell, promotes rest on a high scale. The concomitant accumulation of water, judging by experience, is somewhat less than with enanthate and cypionate. In our opinion, the reason is that athletes simply take smaller doses of this drug than is generally accepted when taking dough. Because testosterone teramex easily aromatized, often additionally taken antiestrogens. Common order testosterone cypionate side effects are similar to those seen with testosterone enanthate. As a rule, athletes prefer a dose of 250 mg and inject them at least once a week. Testosterone teramex is rarely found on the black market in Gremania. In France, it costs less than 10 DM per 250-mg ampoule, while buy testosterone cypionate online with prescription on the black market we have, because there will always be someone who offers you, they will take at least 20 DM. International pharmacy takes 16 DM for a similar ampoule. The order, judging by experience, is carried out somewhere in 4-6 weeks. We also can offer you our nice reading regading natural (fitness without steroids) if you enjoy our info.

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