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Steroid cycles – what is it

The cycle of anabolic steroids is the period during which the athlete takes these drugs, the time period of the use of “chemistry”. In the cycle there are many steroid stacks – these are combinations of anabolic steroids that are consumed in the steroid cycles for sale. The same applies to non-steroidal drugs used as a useful supplement in this time phase.

There are many anabolic steroids. These are peptide hormones and thyroid hormones. In various combinations, completely different steroid stacks are obtained. Each athlete selects an individually suitable cycle for him, in which the most comfortable and effective combination of drugs to achieve maximum results. The main thing is that the cycle is correctly selected and not harmful to the body. Dosages and the duration of the drug cycle are important here.

The first cycle of steroids

For beginners in the reception of “chemistry” you need to choose the simplest combination. After all, you still do not know how the body will respond to doses of various hormones, which means that the main task at this stage is to familiarize your body with certain types of hormones. You should not start from the first days to take shock doses of drugs, use complex combinations – this way you will not only not see the result right away, but also damage your health.

These drugs should be taken carefully, gradually getting acquainted with certain types of steroids. It’s important to watch how you feel during and after your workouts. Analyze for yourself which hormones allow you to achieve your goal as much as possible.

In the event that a novice immediately uses a large number of different steroids, health problems are very real, it will be quite difficult to determine the cause of the problem. In addition, you cannot determine which steroids help you approach the ideal capabilities of the body. So, follow a very useful recommendation: take the use of anabolics in all seriousness. Gradually, slowly, move towards the goal. Only in this way will you be able to achieve the best results. It is worthwhile to figure out which is better – long or short cycles of steroids.

Difficult cycles

After completing several cycles of steroids and making sure that the results that you expected, you can begin to use a more complex stack. It is always necessary to remember that all steroid cycles can bring quite tangible results. The result is more significant if you consume certain drugs for a long time and in sufficient volume. But there is a risk. It must be remembered that in case of any problems on the background of taking the drug, you should take drugs for protection – this way it becomes possible to increase the volume of drug consumption and be protected.

At what age can you start taking anabolic steroids?

Up to twenty-one years, athletes must not take “chemistry”. The thing is that the level of internal testosterone up to this age is quite high, without external interference. At this age, the body continues to form its own endocrine system.

Which is better – long or short cycles of steroids?

The duration of the cycle of taking these drugs concern everyone who takes “chemistry”. Some take steroids for a couple of weeks, and others for several years. Year-round use of anabolic steroids is the destiny of professional athletes. These athletes are capable of long cycles of receiving these funds. As for ordinary users, they are limited to cycles lasting six to twelve weeks.

Among the advantages of short cycles, the fact that such a cycle does not inhibit the production of endogenous testosterone should be highlighted. Therefore, you can painlessly and easily postpone a break in taking anabolic steroids, while the results achieved will be preserved without damage to health. Such a cycle helps to build on achievements. In addition, it is quite easy to adjust the training program for short steroid cycles.

Thanks to the quality cycles of steroid administration, drawn up correctly and deliberately, it becomes possible to gain up to ten kilograms of weight per cycle. In addition, with the help of such drugs it is possible to achieve a hard, dry relief and venousness – it all depends on what goal the athlete set when using steroids.

It is important to understand that injectable steroids are safer than oral ones. The thing is that they do not pass through the liver, which means that they do not adversely affect this important organ. Many beginners do not want to use injections, they think that it hurts, is inconvenient and ineffective. But in fact, the best cycles of steroids are given with the use of injections – this is especially true for long cycles.

The basic method of a safe and effective cycle

It consists in ensuring that the athlete respects the recommended dosages and does not delay the cycles. For the proper preparation of a cycle of steroids, it is imperative to consult a doctor. Only he can choose the dosage that is ideally suited for you and choose the optimal duration of medication. It is better to conduct two short cycles than one long one – the result in this case will be more impressive, you will avoid dangerous side effects. Excessive dosages do not give such a high increase in results, but they increase the risk of side effects, for example, the development of gynecomastia or testicular atrophy, and maybe baldness or acne.

During the cycle of steroids, nutrition and training are important – they should be more intense during this period than during normal times. The thing is that in the body against the background of taking steroids, active anabolic processes occur, protein synthesis is activated. The same goes for transporting oxygen in the blood. It is important to use a balanced diet – you need to increase protein intake. The best choice for bodybuilders will be sports nutrition, which contains enough calories and maintains an ideal balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

In order to choose the perfect ready-made cycle of steroids, it is enough to contact a specialized store – qualified steroid consultants work here, who will always give comprehensive information on any questions regarding the use of anabolics.

As for the breaks between cycles, they should be a couple of times longer than the duration of the cycles themselves. It is very important that your body returns to its previous rhythm, restores the natural level of testosterone production.

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