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Stanozolol and Oxandrolone as the most harmless steroids

If in bodybuilding the main task of athletes is to create a powerful athletic body, then endurance is more important in cyclic sports disciplines. Also, all athletes seek to increase strength.

We are not going to argue that these drugs are completely safe for health. However, with their proper use, athletes will get good results steroid cycles and not face any side effects. In the modern pharmaceutical market, two anabolics with a high degree of safety can be distinguished.

Properties of Stanozolol

This drug against the background of other AAS stands out for its versatility. Thanks to this, it is actively used by representatives of various sports disciplines. In bodybuilding, with its help, athletes conduct strong drying cycles, and in cyclic disciplines you can significantly increase endurance. With a powerful anabolic effect on the body (320 percent of testosterone), on the cycle of this drug you will not be able to gain a large amount of mass.

Among the positive effects of anabolic can be identified:

  • It has strong fat burning properties.
  • Fluid recovery processes are accelerated.
  • Allows to increase not only power parameters, but also endurance.
  • Inhibits the work of globulin.   

Based on the considered properties of the steroid, it becomes clear the reason for its popularity among athletes, weightlifters, cyclists, lifters, etc. A steroid helps representatives of these disciplines to quickly increase strength and endurance, but there is no significant increase in body weight. It has already been mentioned above that Stanozolol is used in bodybuilding primarily for conducting strong fat-burning cycles . In addition, when combined with other AAS, you can gain quality mass.

Stanozolol is a dihydrotestosterone derivative and completely lacks the ability to aromatize. Today, pharmaceutical companies produce tablet and injection versions of stanase. The second drug, many athletes out of habit call Winstrol. It was under such a trade name that the first steroid in injections based on Stanozolol appeared on the market.

The fact is that the active substance of the anabolic immediately enters the bloodstream and is not destroyed in the digestive tract. As a result, on the cycle, he shows a higher androgenic activity compared to tablets. This suggests that even when used by men, it is not necessary to completely exclude the likelihood of androgenic negative effects. However, when using the drug in recommended doses, they are extremely rare. We also note that stanase is characterized by low androgenicity, in comparison with the male hormone, this figure is no more than 30 percent.

As for the recommended dosages, they depend on gender and objectives:

  • For athletes, the daily dose of tabletted AAS is not more than 20 mg.
  • In bodybuilding, an oral anabolic is used every day for 30-60 mg. Injection stanase is also recommended to be set daily, and a single dose is 50 mg.
  • To increase physical parameters, athletes should take 30-40 mg during the day.

Also among the negative properties of the steroid should be highlighted its ability to upset the balance of lipoprotein compounds. This side effect is characteristic of all AAS and is eliminated by introducing omega-3 fatty acids into the diet. However, the most serious drawback of anabolic can be considered the possibility of drainage of the joints. It is obvious that this is due to the ability of the anabolic to quickly utilize the liquid.

Stanozolol is often used, but combined cycles with his participation are the most successful in bodybuilding. We do not recommend just combining tablet stanase with other oral AAS. This is due to the presence of all drugs in this group of hepatotoxicity. As a result, their combined use can create a high load on the liver. The most popular among athletes are bundles of Stanozolol with esters of Trenbolone, Nandrolone, Testosterone, as well as Primobolan, Masteron and Boldenone.

Features of Oxandrolone

This steroid is without a doubt the safest for the body. For a long time it was used in medicine to treat children. Despite the high degree of safety, the drug can be very effective in sports. This substance was created in the mid-sixties. At first, athletes were wary of him. Surely the main reason for this lies in the high safety of the anabolic. Agree. It is difficult to believe that the drug used to treat children can be useful for professional athletes.

However, scientists conducted a number of studies and published their results. After that, it became clear that the anabolic can be used by athletes, and not only by security forces. Like Stanozolol, Oxandrolone allows you to increase not only strength, but also endurance. As a result, the steroid has become popular among representatives of cyclic disciplines.

Let’s look at the most important positive effects of a steroid :

  • It is a powerful fat burner.
  • Allows you to increase physical parameters.
  • Stimulates the secretion of endogenous growth hormone.
  • Improves body relief.   

In bodybuilding, the drug is most often used solo, for example: a  cycle on drying and endurance . Scientists are sure that the high fat-burning activity of the drug is due to its ability to significantly accelerate the production of growth hormone. Recall that for athletes, this steroid is the best choice. Like stanase, Oxandrolone is a powerful anabolic (400% of the male homon) and a weak androgen (25 percent).

The active substance of the same name is not subject to aromatization due to its nature – it is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. If we talk about the ability of a steroid to stimulate the processes of hypertrophy of muscle fibers, then again the analogy with Stanozolol suggests itself. Oksana in bodybuilding is rarely used for weight gain and is necessarily combined with other AAS. This allows you to improve the quality component of the results.

The daily dose of Oxandrolone for women is a maximum of 30 mg. Men most often use the drug in an amount of 30-80 mg per day. As for the features of combining a steroid, then you can use any injectable AAS. Most often, athletes use short esters of Testosterone, Trenbolone, Nandrolone for this. Excellent results during the drying period can also be obtained thanks to the bonds of Oksana with Methenolone, Masteron and Winstrol. Note that athletes can also conduct combination cycles with the participation of Oxandrolone. True, the choice in women is limited by only one bunch – Oxandrolone + Primobolan.

Cycle of Oxandrolone and Stanozolol

It should immediately be warned that the use of such a bundle will cost the athlete a pretty penny. If the cost of Stanozolol can still be considered normal, then this can not be said about Oxandrolone. However, you always have to pay for quality. In addition, this cycle will allow you to get excellent results.

In bodybuilding, through the use of this ligament, you will have the opportunity to dry your body well, as well as increase strength. Stanozolol perfectly stabilizes androgen receptors, which allows you to compensate for the low rate of this type of activity of each drug. At the same time, the risks of developing androgenic side effects will be minimal.

Anabolic Use Scheme

The duration of the entire cycle will be 6 weeks. Use Oxandrolone during the first week in a daily dose of 50 mg. Then increase it weekly by 10 mg and bring to the third week to 70 mg. In a similar dose, the steroid is also used for the fifth week. Then begin to systematically reduce the daily dose.

Put Stanozolol to be 50 mg every day. Recall that this anabolic can quickly dispose of fluid, and this can cause injury. That is why we do not recommend exceeding the above dose. Although the combination of Stanozolol + Oxandrolone is notable for a high level of safety, we recommend conducting rehabilitation therapy after steroid withdrawal.

You can start PCT after 2-3 days from the date of cancellation of anabolics. To do this, take 3 mg of Clomiphene Citrate daily for 3 weeks. Since both anabolic steroids are not able to aromatize and do not have progestagenic activity, it is not necessary to use auxiliary medications in the cycle considered today. Oxandrolone and Stanozolol can be given by beginner athletes without significant health risks. Among the positive effects of this ligament, it is possible to note the possibility of quick utilization of fat reserves, improving the body relief, as well as an increase in endurance and strength. But a significant increase in muscle mass should not be expected.

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