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Sedation of the primitive regular circle.

A / a steroids have a braking effect on the arc "hypothalamus – pituitary – testicles" (see chapter: Testosterone Value and Functions). Normal testicular function is suppressed, resulting in reduced testosterone production, reduced spermatogenesis and testicular atrophy. The benefits of prohormones magnitude of the effect depends on the duration of the intake, the type of steroids taken and their dosage. Increased libido often suppressed strongest prohormone on the market at the beginning of steroid use decreases with time and can return to normal. Thanks to the introduction of testosterone-stimulating drugs such as HCG, for example, these problems can be avoided or reduced. At the end of steroids, HCG helps to re-activate the activity of the testicles.


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It remains to be mentioned that these side effects are completely reversible. "… in all cases, after side effects of prohormones bodybuilding the discontinuation of androgen / anabolic steroids, restitution by ad-integram occurred (restoration of the previous state, marked by the author), namely, in relation to gonadropine, testicular size, endogenous testosterone synthesis and spermatogenesis (!). Conclusion: the effect of androgens / anabolic steroids on the gonodal regular circle is reversible. Infertility (impaired fertility or the inability to conceive) is not terrible and does not require treatment. Illness athlete become "due to anabolic steroids useless", (of &quot what is the best prohormone;Doping – illicit drugs in sports", Dirk Klazing, Manfred Donike et al., P. 61).


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adminSedation of the primitive regular circle.