Various Herbal Ingredients (liv 52)
The rate of administration is two capsules 3 times a day. Take the drug should be cyclically, a course of 1 month. It is recommended to combine reception time with the second half of the training period, when the loads become more noticeable and the body needs the potential for recovery. The medicine has a bitter taste and is used during meals. It is allowed to chew it or drink it with liquid.
Side effects
The occurrence of adverse reactions recorded in rare cases.
With increased sensitivity, the components of the drug can cause mild allergies, in the form of itching, redness or a rash on the skin. Sometimes there is a slight upset stomach, characterized by frequent stools or nausea.
Effects of taking
stimulates metabolic processes within cells;
capsules are used to improve the properties of bile and, as a result, prevention against the appearance of calculus in the gallbladder;
controls globulin albumin and protein indicators;
stimulates phospholipid and protein biosynthesis;
reduces the rate of transformation of fat, fibrous and connective tissue character.

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