Trenbolone Mix (Tri Tren)
The course of taking Trebolon Mix is ​​one of the longest drugs in this segment and is 12 weeks. The action of the stimulator is manifested gradually, and the technique is arranged according to the “ladder” type, constantly increasing the norm. Before taking a steroid, you should consult with your sports doctor and subsequently do not exceed a dose of 300 ml per week. Excessive dosage is fraught with the occurrence of adverse reactions.
Side effects
Constant suppression of one’s own testosterone leads to such negative phenomena as a decrease in sexual desire, lethargy of erection and, in a difficult case, testicular atrophy. To reduce adverse reactions and restore hormone production using boosters, and to neutralize the negative effects – cabergoline and gonadotropin. It is not excluded after taking Trenbolone mix baldness, insomnia and high blood pressure.
Effects of taking
1. At the same time there is an intensive set of muscle mass and the formation of its relief and hardness.
2. Burning adipose tissue throughout the anabolic cycle.
3. A marked increase in strength, endurance and potential of the athlete.
4. The rapid increase in the rate of metabolic processes.
5. The body is instantly restored after exercise.

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