Testosterone undecanoate
Before deciding on the use of undecanoate, you should consult a doctor. Dosages are determined individually. When calculating, the previous experience of an athlete with pharmacological preparations, his general condition, contraindications and purpose are taken. However, to put the norm less than 240 mg per day does not make sense. But it is also not recommended to exceed this value.
Side effects
The capsule form is relatively safe for the body. As a negative influence, they note: an increase in pressure, the appearance of aggression or irritability, in some cases alopecia, or vice versa, excessive appearance of new hair.
Effects of taking
Significant increase in muscle mass.
The emergence of motivation and mood improvement.
The tool stimulates the production of red blood cells and blood oxygen supply, resulting in increased endurance.
Regulation of the development of male sex hormones and some secondary sexual characteristics.
Improving the ratio between entering the body and the nitrogen removed from it, as well as stimulation of phosphorus metabolism.
Ensuring the development of male germ cells.

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