Testosterone supplements
Experts recommend starting the use of the substance with 5 grams. in a day. If the clinical effect and the goal is not achieved, the rate is increased to 7.5-10 grams. per day. Testosterone gel is applied to dry, undamaged skin in the morning. After using the drug, you should thoroughly rinse your hands. If you plan to have bodily contact with another person, all treated areas should be washed.
Side effects
May have a negative effect on the surface of the skin.
The drug is easily lubricated by another person who had contact with your skin, although after drying it is unlikely to be transferred.
The accumulation of water in the body.
Provokes the growth of unnecessary hair.
Nervousness, agitation and aggression without good reason.
Effects of taking
The gel preparation provides stable maintenance of testosterone in the blood plasma, unlike many other stimulants of this segment.
The levels of the hormone testosterone reach the desired state on the first day of application and are fixed in the normal range during the entire period of use.
Simple application to all parts of the body.

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