Testosterone enanthate
Testosterone enanthate solo course is permissible to apply to persons who have reached the age of 18 years after a full examination by a doctor. The recommended dose is 500 ml, which are injected no more than 2 times in 7 days. The composition begins an active action after the first injection, but it is possible to notice the results no sooner than after 14 days. The average reception cycle varies in the region of 2 and a half months, but in the absence of visible changes, it can be extended. Those who put the steroid for the first time, better stop at a rate of 250 ml and increase it gradually, if no side reactions are detected.
Side effects
Side effects are extremely rare and are usually caused by non-compliance with instructions for use. Among them emit:
fat on the skin;
breast enlargement in men;
diseases of the skin;
diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
Anti-estrogens and inhibitors are able to eliminate these manifestations and restore an optimal level of secretion.
Effects of taking
Improving the overall condition of the body;
Formation of strength and endurance;
Increased tone and libido during injection;
Activation of sperm action;
Erythrocyte concentration increase;
Optimization of nitrogen metabolism.

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