The simultaneous reception of 2-3 prohormones, whose formulas are complementary to each other, is recommended. The duration of the cycle is 4-6 weeks. Active substances rarely make changes in the hormones and the general condition of the body, but after the course it is recommended to carry out restorative therapy. The latter lasts for 2-3 weeks and is aimed at restoring the liver and activating the production of your own testosterone.
It is better to use prohormones in the complex recommended by manufacturers. But many athletes claim that the combination of prohormones from different companies has a more effective effect. There is no definite pattern of consumption – some need to be used during the meal, others – after it. The package has detailed instructions that must be followed. It is revealed that taking only one prohormone instead of a bunch does not give the necessary results.
Side effects
The compositions of this segment have similar negative reactions with steroids. Their intensity depends on the specific formula of additives. Prohormones, like most anabolic steroids, require treatment after a course of therapy.
Effects of taking
Adverse body reactions are minimized;
Improved composition;
Not transformed into estrogen.

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