Nandrolone decanoate (Deca)
This drug belongs to anabolic drugs. For men, the recommended dose is 200 mg at a time, calculated for 7-28 days. For women, the dose is halved to 100 mg.
Side effects
When using anabolic, no major abnormalities in the body were noticed. However, if the dosage prescribed by sports doctors is exceeded, then an increase in blood pressure is possible. If an athlete does not have enough good blood clotting, then bleeding from the nose and gums, migraines, acne, and more may occur.
Significant excess of the drug in the blood can lead to testicular malfunction. Testosterone production is reduced and is accompanied by the release of gonadotropins. Also, prohibitively high concentrations of nandrolone can cause erectile dysfunction.
Effects of taking
Increased stamina muscle.
A set of muscle mass (for one course of admission up to 8 kg).
Removes pain in the ligaments and joints.
Increases immunity.
Strengthens ligaments and bone tissue.

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