Starting the use of this drug is recommended with the lowest dosage. The amount of 50 mg for the first time will be sufficient. This is the so-called check of the body on whether the stimulator is suitable. If all is well, it is possible, based on the needs of the athlete, to increase the dose to 100-200 mg.
Side effects
The use of modafinil may contribute to the effect of pleasure, although to a lesser extent than when taking amphetamine. Dependence can also develop. At observance of the accurate instructions concerning dosages, side effects are practically absent. If the rate of consumption is exceeded, then migraines, hyperactivity, palpitations, high blood pressure, sleep disturbance, aggression and irritability appear. In some cases, malfunctions of the cardiovascular system occur.
Effects of taking
The charge of energy and vigor;
Improving memory and motility;
The reaction becomes faster;
Suppression of hunger;
Enhance cognitive function.

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