1. Before the injection, heat the compound to 35 degrees.
2. Enter the contents of the vial should be slowly, at least 1 minute.
3. The injection is put intramuscularly with a 5 or 2 vat syringe.
4. It is recommended to prick trenbolone at bedtime.
5. The initial dosage of the steroid should not exceed 200 mg once every 7 days.
6. The average course lasts 6-8 weeks. It is better not to exceed the duration of 8 weeks.
Side effects
Taking the drug may have a positive effect on the body, or cause damage. The latter is most often observed with personal intolerance to the drug or if it is not properly taken. An adverse reaction may be:
The appearance of insomnia.
Blood pressure drops.
Apathy or irritability.
Increased sweating or an increase in fatty secretions on the skin.
Hair loss.
In severe cases, testicular dysfunction has been recorded.
Drug efficacy
The increase in muscle component (from 8-10 kg per course).
Racing LIBIDO in the period of injection of the steroid (after the completion of the course a strong decline is observed).
Reduction of body fat, both independently and through the regulation of the release of growth hormone.
Increasing the amount of growth hormones produced by the body by 200%

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