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Oxandrolone for women

Oxandrolone is an anabolic and androgenic steroid. This synthetic steroid has an excellent effect on protein metabolism and has a positive effect on the central nervous system. Used in sports and medicine, taken at a strictly designated beginner steroid cycle, which is selected individually.


It consists of derivatives of dihydrotestosterone, but the second carbon atom is replaced by an oxygen atom. Its chemical formula is C19H30O3.

Drug properties

  1. Its main property is that it helps to increase muscle hardness and improve relief. This substance is often used by athletes to improve results during drying. Thanks to its use, it is possible to significantly reduce the amount of fluid in the body.
  2. An anabolic steroid is also able to significantly increase the athlete’s strength indicators.
  3. The drug significantly increases the level of growth hormone.
  4. Oxandrolone contributes to the effective burning of fat mass.
  5. This substance does not affect the production of testosterone hormone.
  6. Androgenic steroid helps to reduce the production of cortisol, due to which the muscles are destroyed. Thanks to him, muscle tissue breaks down several times slower.
  7. It promotes the production of creatine phosphate in muscle tissue.
  8. Increases power indicators.

The most commonly used oxandrolone for weight loss in women.

Oxandrolone Clenbuterol Cycle for Women

This cycle of use of drugs is intended for drying before the competition, as athletes train hard and lose not only fat mass, but also muscle.

Clenbuterol is a drug that is not an anabolic substance. It is used in conjunction with oxandrolone to improve the result. Clenbuterol promotes excitation of adrenergic receptors.

Its chemical formula is C12H18Cl2N2O

Oxandrolone for women after 40 years of age is used much more often than for men. It is at this age that all metabolic processes slow down, and it is very difficult to maintain and increase muscle mass.

The optimal cycle is the use of drugs for 3 months. Thus, you can protect yourself from undesirable consequences.

The first 5 weeks of the cycle are taken exclusively oxandrolone without additional additives, and in the following weeks it is necessary to drink only clenbuterol.

Drug Administration:

  • 1 week – 2 tablets of oxandrolone;
  • 2 week – oxandrolone in 3 tablets;
  • 3 week – 4 tablets of oxandrolone;
  • Week 4 – Oxandrolone in 3 tablets;
  • 5 week – oxandrolone 2 tablets;

Further, only clenbuterol is taken.

  • 3 days for 1 tablet;
  • 3 days, 2 tablets;
  • 8 days, 3 tablets;
  • 2 weeks break;
  • 3 days for 1 tablet;
  • 3 days, 2 tablets;
  • 8 days, 3 tablets;
  • two weeks break;
  • 3 days for 1 tablet;
  • 3 days, 2 tablets;
  • 8 days for 3 tablets.

In any case, before using these drugs, it is better to consult with your doctor.

Release form and packaging

Oxandrolone is available on prescription. Available in tablet form. One tablet contains 10 mg of active ingredient. As a rule, the composition of the tablet includes additional substances such as magnesium, lactose, stearate and others. Tablets are in a blister pack of 20 pieces. In one package there can be three such blisters.

Scope of application Oxandrolone

Tablets are used not only in the sports field, but also in the medical field. The medicine is suitable for restoring the skin, for example, after getting burns.

Also, this drug can be used by young athletes to improve performance in sports.

For medical purposes, it is used for a disease such as osteoporosis.

If the child does not develop physically, then doctors in some cases prescribe oxandrolone.

Having typed “weight loss reviews for women” in the search bar, you can see how the fair sex women share the stunning results of using this steroid.

Instructions for use and dosage

General indications for use:

  • The standard dose for adults is 2.5 mg. Take 2-4 times a day. To get the best effect, the dosage is increased, and 20 mg should be consumed. The maximum cycle of admission is 4 weeks.
  • For people under 18 years of age, a maximum of 0.25 mg per kilogram of weight per day.
  • To treat a variety of diseases, a more accurate dosage is prescribed by the attending physician.

Oxandrolone how to take women?

  • Women are advised to take 10-15 mg oxandrolone for 12 weeks. With such amounts, there will not be a malfunction in the menstrual cycle, and serious changes will not occur with voice and testosterone levels.
  • If at this stage everything goes fine, then the use of the drug can be increased. But still, do not exceed the maximum permissible norm.
  • Before using steroids, it is worth taking additional tests to clearly control the whole situation.

Solo cycle

This cycle can be taken for people who do not have overweight and adolescents. Also, the drug can be used by athletes. But more often it is used precisely to achieve sports results.

Scheme of taking the drug on a solo cycle:

In order for the hormonal background to be stable, oxandrolone must be taken in equal portions throughout the day, for example, two or three times a day.


  • first week – 20 mg per day;
  • second week – 20 mg per day;
  • third week – 20 mg per day;
  • fourth week – 20 mg per day;
  • fifth week – 20 mg per day;
  • sixth week – 20 mg per day.

To complete the cycle, you should drink a drug called clomid.


  • seventh week – 40 mg per day;
  • eighth week – 40 mg per day.

If this is not the first time you are taking this cycle, then the dose can be maximally increased to 80 g / day.

Combi cycle

For the most part, it is designed only for men, since oxandrolone is used along with other AAS (anabolic androgenic steroids). From this is the name of the cycle, which means combined. In the solo cycle, only oxandrolone is used and no more other drugs at the same time. Here the dosage of the main drug is higher.

Oxandrolone + AAS (Sustanon or Primobolan):

  • the first week – 40 mg per day + AAS daily rate;
  • second week – 40 mg per day + AAS daily rate;
  • third week – 40 mg per day + AAS daily rate;
  • the fourth week – 40 mg per day + AAS daily rate;
  • fifth week – 40 mg per day + AAS daily rate;
  • sixth week – 40 mg per day + AAS daily rate;
  • seventh week – 40 mg per day + AAS daily rate;
  • the eighth week – 40 mg per day + AAS daily rate;

Sustanon is administered intramuscularly, one milliliter once a day.

Primobolan, unlike the previous drug, can be taken orally at 50-100 mg. per day or 300-400 mg intramuscularly.

Contraindications and side effects

  • First of all, the drug is contraindicated for those who individually can not tolerate it. Intolerance may manifest as an allergic reaction.
  • It is also forbidden to nursing mothers and pregnant women.
  • People with diseases such as cancer or prostate adenoma should not drink oxandrolone.
  • A separate group, under which the ban also falls, are men with prostatitis.
  • With liver diseases, it is also worth abandoning the use of this anabolic.
  • Oxandrolone should not be drunk by those who have various heart diseases.
  • Existing diabetes and hypercalcemia also contribute to the ban on the use of anabolics.
  • There are a lot of side effects of the drug and there is a high probability of their manifestation if the dosage and the correct scheme are not observed.
  • At higher dosages, it has a negative effect on the liver.
  • If you take the drug for too long, testosterone production may decrease.
  • Taking this drug can significantly worsen sleep.
  • Swelling of the hands and feet is possible.
  • Acne may appear.
  • Serious problems with urination may occur.
  • Developing children have a chance of stunting.

Expert opinion

According to experts, oxandrolone is the most harmless drug to increase muscle mass of athletes. It is worth noting that this anabolic is suitable for both men and women. It has the least negative properties and negative effects. Many trainers advise to use this growth hormone.

Almost all androgenic steroids are peptides and act on a natural molecular level. In addition, it does not cause virilization in women, subject to all requirements. The drug has a beneficial effect on increasing physical performance in sports achievements and magnificently increases the quality of muscles, which is so necessary before the competition.

This synthetic steroid perfectly affects protein metabolism and has a positive effect on the central nervous system.

Opinions regarding the production of one’s own testosterone were divided into pros and cons. But still, most experts are inclined to believe that the drug in no way affects the production of their own hormones.

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