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Omnadren 250.

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Omnadren 250 250 mg / ml: Polfa Poland.

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Omnadren is a four-component testosterone medication. Four types of different active chemicals interact in such a way that Omnadren stays in the body for a long time. Many, therefore, compare it with Sustanon 250. And yet this comparison is unsuccessful, because there are huge differences. Although both are four components, their components are not completely identical. Both contain testosterone phenyl propionate and testosterone propionate, but in Omnadren – testosterone isohexanoate and testosteronehexanoate, and in Sustanone – testosterone isocaproate and testosteronecanoate (see Sustanon).

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Omnadren is used in powerlifting and exclusively for building strength and weight. Concept "mass buildup" it is quite suitable, since Omnadren contributes to a rather rapid and distinct increase in body weight, which, as a rule, is accompanied by strong water penetration. The result is a watery puffed up mask. Who accepts Omnadren familiar with this huge water pump. Concept "Omna skull" also not sustanon 250 sale by chance, because even the face is quickly and noticeably infested, which is noticeable on the cheeks, forehead, under the eyes. Some mockingly call it. "watery mug". A strong androgenic effect is combined in a preparation with the same anabolic, which gives a strong increase in strength, fluid accumulations facilitate movements in the joints, an increased "pump effect", increased appetite, improved regeneration processes. Because the drug is easily flavored, it makes sense to take anti-estrogens. With their help, you can reduce the amount of water stored in the body. Although the drug is present in the body for 2 – 3 weeks, it is usually injected weekly. As for the dosage, there is hardly any such injection steroid, where there are so many dose options. The range extends from athletes injecting 250 mg per week to those who inject 2000 mg daily per day. The reason – the cheapness of the drug. And from an economic point of view, it is an alternative to expensive Sustanon, testosterone enanthate and propionate, which is why many people inject it in excessive doses. A dose of 250 to 1000 mg per week is sufficient for most. Omnadren is often combined with Dianabol, Anadrol, DecaDurabolin, which further accelerates the increase in strength, mass and water. The medicine from Omnadren and USAn Dianabol is very popular, because both drugs are cheap and readily available and lead to an increase in strength and mass with minimal economic injectable sustanon 250 for sale costs. The gains achieved with the help of Omnadren again quickly fall off when it is discontinued.

increase strength mass

Side effects are similar to other testosterone variations (see testosterone enanthate). Along with wateriness, there are strong acne (acne) and increased aggressiveness. Aggressive behavior is explained by the fact that athletes take this drug in higher doses than other testosterones. The terrible acne eruption is still due to the pure sustanon 250 for sale influence of Omnadren. At the same time, it is not individual boils that are often caused by pimples, but many small points, as if the athlete is allergic. Do not be afraid, but this fact and many athletes soon become covered with a rash: hands, shoulders, back and face, which was not when taking Sustanon and Testosteronenant. Women absolutely should not take Omnadren.

Another problem is that not pure injection solutions are not excluded, since the definition of quality in Eastern European countries is not at such a high level as in Germany. Therefore, it is possible that there is no 100% sterilization and purity. Maybe this is the cause of huge acne. Doctor of Medicine, a university professor, F. Boyker, states in his series "All about doping. Part 3" (on page 137): "… the cause of steroid acne is the unscrupulousness of the athlete or the drug …" (ed., act. 1993, notebooks. No. 298). Such "uncleanliness" drug is often the main cause of the so-called "injection abscess". And here one of our acquaintances comes to mind, who after the injection of Omnadren got an abscess on the ass, which was removed by an incision of 4 cm wide and 7 cm deep.

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The testosterone 250 for sale original Omnadren is produced only in the form of 250 mg / ml in an ampoule. 5 ampoules are placed in a pink box, where they are separated from each other by a cardboard taken out of the box. The vials themselves are made of ordinary window glass, have a red or black inscription, which is easily erased with a finger. Often, the inscription is unreadable when buying, because over time, it fades, and also erases during transport. This is a good find for scammers. It’s pretty easy to erase this inscription and replace it with Sustanon to sell. "cheap" Omna instead "dear" Sousta. Because The inscription is primitive and, unfortunately, is not embedded in glass, you can easily write something again. Omnadren usually stands on the black market somewhere around 8-10 DM per vial. There it is easy and you will get it. The chance to get the drug in the Polish pharmacy and prescription is zero, so you should not go to Poland with the intention to make a couple of cheap purchases.


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