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Often made mistakes.

If you ask 10 different athletes how best to take steroids, get 10 different answers. Ask why, hear something like: “others also do”, “I heard that the same drug is taken by this or that professional.”, “the book says that you will achieve fantastic results” etc. These statements, unfortunately, reflect how things really are: hardly any athlete knows the best way to take steroids. What is the dose, how long to take? Is it better to try this combination or that one? If I knew, is it really the originals? Despite the fact that steroids have been used to increase achievements in for more than 30 years, most athletes, as before, are in the dark. Therefore, they are manipulated, influenced by them. There is no necessary information, because physicians who are ready to help and familiar with this topic are rare, newspapers exacerbate the problem, top athletes lie, hiding how they use steroids.

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As a result, mistakes are often made that lead to unsatisfactory results (if any, these results appear at all) and to unnecessary side effects. Although the range of errors is large, we will cite some of them most frequently performed by athletes. Anyone taking steroids should carefully read this chapter in order to become confident that they will not be among the athletes who make such blunders.

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The use of too high doses. Bodybuilding athletes are extremists, like all athletes in general, they follow the rule “more is better”. If 5 tbl. good, 10 is even better. With such views, the door for side effects is wide open. The effectiveness of almost all steroids depends on the dosage, which is sufficient if the construction behavior of the steroid molecules and receptors is achieved. If the receptors of the muscular cell are saturated, the excess steroid molecules will find another target. Liver dysfunction, kidney problems, hair loss, acne, high estrogen levels, reduced endogenous hormone production, aggressiveness often grow out of high dosages. The so-called megadoses do not give an increase in strength and mass gains. And those that think that 50 mg of Dianabol and 100 mg of Testosterone per day are the only way to “perfect body”, those are incorrectly informed.

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Reception period too long. Improper use of steroids is not for most athletes for two reasons. As with high doses, the risk of potential side effects increases. The possibility of organic damage is especially great with long-term administration of oral alkylated 17-alpha steroids. The impact of steroids taken decreases after a while, which again increases only with a short-term increase in doses or with a change in steroids. Everyone should know that, the stronger the steroid, the faster its impact on the body decreases, so it makes less sense to take it for a longer time. With Anapolon 50, the gains, judging by experience, are reduced already in 3-4 weeks, while the same results can be achieved with Deca in 10-12 weeks.


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Use of the wrong steroids. Steroids are not exactly steroids. A clear line should be drawn between highly androgenic toxic steroids, such as Anadrol, Methyltestosterone, Dianabol, Halotestin, etc. and less androgenic, predominantly anabolic and slightly toxic, such as Primobolan, Deca-Durabolin, Oxandrolone, Andriol, and Winstrol. Because Only the use of the former is mainly associated with serious side effects, and it makes sense to limit their intake to 6–8 weeks. Women, adolescents, aged athletes, and newcomers to steroid courses should be especially careful with them. In addition, it is desirable that the public and the media pay attention to these differences in their sentences and articles.

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Choosing unfavorable regimens. The effectiveness of each steroid program is enhanced by the skillful choice of steroid combinations, because this achieves a synergistic effect. This means that with a low total dose, the best results are achieved. Various recipes are involved, the saturation of which is postponed and the steroid combination is valid for a longer time. At the same time, potential side effects are minimized. Instead of 50 mg of Dianabol per day, the athlete takes 20 mg + 200 mg of Deca-Durabolin per week. The best results – when combining oral steroid with injection. Smaller sense – in combination of 2 oral, for example, Dianabol with Aanapolone or Oxandrolone with Methyltestosterone. Because stimulating the synthesis of protein and improving metabolism in most steroids weakens after a few weeks, you should start with small doses and slowly and gradually increase them. Athletes using the steroid cycle for more than 6 to 8 weeks must completely switch to another combination. Another common mistake is a sudden discontinuation. Many side effects possible “opposite effect”losses of strength and mass are minimized by a slow, gradual cessation of steroids. Do not pack a course with potent steroids, such as Anadrol or testosterone.

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The use of fakes. It is very difficult to correct this error, because on the black market fakes apparently invisible. The reason for unsatisfactory results, or the lack thereof, of an unusual number of side effects are often fakes. Many are not sterilized, contain something else, are not dosed, or are a completely different steroid.

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Lack of desire for regular checkups at the doctor. Each athlete taking steroids must regularly undergo blood and urine tests, check blood pressure. Thorough surveys are crucial. It is important that the first survey took place before the course, because It is determined whether the athlete can take any steroid or, based on his health, must give up some of them. In addition, it is possible to compare post-course indicators with the original ones. A second survey is desirable after 5-6 weeks of taking steroids. Further reception depends on the results of the survey. And if everything is in order, then 4 weeks after the end of the steroid program, one more examination should be carried out to check if small deviations have normalized.

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Neglect of external factors. The use of steroids in itself does not guarantee impressive results. Their impact depends on 4 factors that together have a synergistic effect and therefore are called “magic quadrilateral”. Training, nutrition, rest and mood. And just when taking steroids, many athletes for some reason tend to neglect these essential prerequisites for good results.

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