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Natural Bodybuilding: how athletes from past used it



This article can be destroying at the same time you make it more delicate, because here  you follow to anything without drugs / substance / steroids / hormones. Our society suggests that we are like top athletes who either do every day or work „Help“ use. Many people know that this is not the case, but what can be achieved without steroids is also impressive. How much mass can you build naturally? Where is the genetic limit? This article brings light in’s dark…

Steroid free is one of the most controversial topics in the fitness industry. Simultaneous is „Natural bodybuilding“ currently a big one hype. Whereby there are different interpretations: some understand without having ever taken legal steroids, the others do not see it so closely with the past of the Ahtlete. What about the topic „Natural“ keeps coming up is the discussion About the genetic limit. With this article could scare off many readers…

Who wants where its limit lies? Athletes want to be motivated and not: „until here and not further.“ But this is often not necessarily the case and realistic expectations make (in my opinion HAPPY. This article is about what you can achieve as a natural and then about the differences between with and without the influence of steroids.

Classic natural bodybuilders

Go to the best natural bodybuilders of the past. Certainly John Grimek, Steve Reeves and George Eiferman. In comparison of her on the The highlights of her career are interesting points:

NameJohn GrimekSteve ReevesGeorge Eiferman
arm circumference45.745.742,4cm
leg circumference65,2cm64,7cm63.5 cm
Fat-free mass83,6kg88,3kg79kg



Interestingly, the classic champions despite light reach the arm circumference of modern professional bodybuilders. These values ​​are easily made by professional bodybuilders Surpassed, but this is about natural bodybuilders. Nowadays, athletes come to partly lower K level is probably the advancing science and the better understanding Fitness, and to it. But under In the end, classic athletes 60 years ago are absolutely comparable to those of today. This is an indicator fa genetic limit. But…

Where is my genetic limit?

The study of 300 Natural Contest bodybuilders as subjects Casey Butt set up a formula to calculate the genetic limit. It must be said that the subjects correspond to the absolute top of the gene pool, since they were all champions in competition.

​So far, despite all the criticism, no natural bodybuilder could reduce the result of the formula by more than a few percentage points surpass. In fact, she is often astonishingly accurate. You should not see the result as a limit, but as a standard fr Professional Natural Bodybuilding. To round off the scientific approach, I have collected statements and formulas from three experts in the field. One of the most, fitness experts include Lyle McDonald, whose statement is helpful in forming a personal opinion:



Years of correct training

Mass gaining a year


9 – 11 kg


4.5 – 5.5kg


2.2 – 2.7kg


0.9 – 1.3 kg

Martin Berkhan, inventor of the currently popular Diät „Leangains“, has a formula for determining the maximum möset up unlubricated mass:

It should be clear to everyone that athletes on the cover of bodybuilder magazines do not match what you do without them „Help“ can reach. It’s important to get the right expectationsto put things into context: 79kg body weight and washboard abs are in some circles smiles. „You are nothing if you weigh below 100kg.“ What most do not understand is that 79kg of lean mass looks very impressive to many. To be honest, most will never achieve this because they are not up to the consistent training that it demands.“


His formula is: Größe in CM – 100 = maximum Kat 5-6% Kfat Alan Aragorn stsupports its results on the muscularDevelopment that is already behind you. A beginner at about 65kg for example, can in his first months with approxhr 0.6-0.9kg of muscle count.

Alan Aragon Model

Experienceweight a month
Beginner1-1.5% of the weight
medium0.5-1% of the weight
Advanced0.25-0.5% of the weight

To make the formulas and statements more tangible, I have a test case Calculated for you: An average man of 19 years, 177cm, 68kg body weight, 15% Body fat and maybe a narrow with a wrist diameter of 16.51cm and a diameter of about 22,8cm can according to the formulas following on fat-free Kreach the mass:

Dr. Casey Butt: 81.8kg fat-free mass at 12% body fat

Lyle McDonal: 77.6kg fat-free mass at 12% body fat

Martin Berkhan: 73kg fat-free mass at 12% body fat

Alan Aragorn: 77.4kg fat-free mass at 12% body fat

It should be noted that Berkhan’s formula is actually most accurate at 5-6% Body fat is. Nevertheless, all results speak, that the formula of dr. Casey Butt is the most accurate, but also the summit of the reflects. My recommendation is therefore to take the formula from Butt and stick to this goal. Very few athletes are approaching this potential.

What is natural Bodybuilding?

Just to put it briefly: The idea of ​​being as massive and lean as a professional bodybuilder should be taken out of your head. Another bitter pill to swallow in fitness is muscle gain from year to year. While one builds up very quickly and a lot at the beginning, they disappear „gains“ annually. Also, most natural bodybuilders have a Bweight of about 77-83kg, this is rarely surpassed. Compared to pro-contests, this is approx. HR 45kg less. 45 kilograms. That should let sink first. The following factors set each athlete a limit:

  • Testosterone Level: ma blatantly influencing fprotein synthesis and muscle regeneration
  • Creatine phosphate synthesis: an energy system that determines how long you spend with a certain intensity can exercise
  • Nitrogen storage: influences processes in muscle growth and is ideally maintained for a long time
  • Myostatin: a protein whose task is the counterplay to testosterone. When the level is high, muscle growth decreases
  • Time, endurance, real life: For anyone who does not work full-time, the likelihood is very high that at some point something in between (vacation, illness, etc.) or he loses his appetite. That’s life – Stop crying and move on.

Steroids vs. Steroids Natural: How big are the differences?

To take it straight ahead: Natural bodybuilders do not approach those with steroids. Within a study, 43 divided into 4 groups and observed over 10 weeks. The first group did not train and remained natural – as expected without effect. The second group did not train, but got administered testosterone. This group built around 3kg of muscle in 10 weeks without training! The third group trained natural and built up 1.8kg of muscle. The fourth group trained and got testosterone, with the result in 10 weeks to build 5.8kg solid muscle mass. ​

What’s is exactly a natural bodybuilding?

Muskelzuw Chsees come much slower than most people are aware of and consistent training is absolutely essential. But even without training, you build more muscle with steroids than natural exercisers. I do not want to suggest that you take steroids, but emphasize the core message of the article: As a natural you can not take an example of professional bodybuilders! In the world of fitness will be only seldom advertised with natural bodybuilders, be aware of that. Just because something someone else works, That’s not it, it’s also fr works for you. Steroids kA bad exercise program or a bad diett compensate, as the study proves. We are influenced by advertising of all kinds: films, magazines, Internet and other media. This is nat to buy more products and to create misconceptions right blessed by supplement manufacturers in the fitness industry. „Take Whey Isolate, Tribulus, or any BCAA mixed drinknk that looks like unicorn urine and then you look like the guy in the photo“, Do not believe that! The same is also with ever new Trainings and crazy environments. Far too seldom does Basics focus on often the dit and the training itselfChanges, as you are always from new methods convince lsst. This happens mainly, because someone recommendations that you can not compare to. That is’t Not that every good-looking bodybuilder automatically takes steroids. Orient yourself to role models who are interested in participate in natural competitions.

Natural Bodybuilding: do not let anyone stop you

In conclusion, it should be said that you, if you slow yourself by a limit, you’ve already lost. It is wrong to sit at home and to follow his genetic limit. Be aware of that, but do not let it get you down. If you want to realize your dream and be successful in natural bodybuilding, you will be struggling for the US NBF. So to speak natural fitness in USA and stands „USA Natural Bodybuilding Federation“.  It was founded is and is currently managed by Berend Breitenstein, who is a natural athlete himself and obviously himself has a lot of knowledge of fitness.


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