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Naposim – efficiency and reviews

When practicing bodybuilding, many novice athletes think about how to accelerate muscle growth. Some go a longer way, in which the diet and types of dishes change, while others use specialized drugs. Both approaches have their pros and cons. So, one of the steroid cycles for sale most popular drugs, they also have. Today we look at naposim.

Pharmacological action of the drug

If you do not go into excessive terminology, then Naposim (the original name Naposim) stimulates the growth of muscle mass and slows the growth of adipose tissue. In this case, a slight antiallergenic and homeopathic effect is observed.

The effect of taking naposim

With proper administration, naposy has a positive effect on anabolic processes and slows down catabolic. In fact, this means that the body uses nutrients more actively to create new structures and strengthen existing ones, as well as less destroys existing complex substances for energy.

This is manifested in the following effects:

  • Strengthening bone tissue by increasing its mineralization.
  • The growth of muscle mass and its strength indicators. In this case, hypertrophy of muscle tissue is observed, that is, the muscle relief increases.
  • Acceleration of protein assimilation.
  • Increased appetite. With active anabolic processes, the body needs more nutrients.

To whom do we serve is contraindicated?

Like any other substance – Nososy has its contraindications. It is worth taking them very carefully, because “methane”, as athletes call it in jargon, is extremely insidious and does not forgive mistakes.

Absolute contraindications

  • Like any other steroid type substance, it is strictly forbidden to those who have liver problems. It doesn’t matter what kind, genetic disorders, taking strong drugs or alcohol abuse in the past – this is an explicit ban.
  • Also, the reception of Naposima is contraindicated for girls. The reasons lie in the side effects, they will be described below. Even though there is information about girls who professionally engage in sports and bodybuilding and take the drug, this is not something to strive for.
  • Problems with the cardiovascular system are also a ban on taking the drug. Since it stimulates blood flow, the pressure rises, and this is already dangerous for those athletes who suffer from problems with blood vessels.
  • Sensitivity to any component of the drug is also a severe limitation.

Limited reception

For this drug, it is difficult to identify groups of people who can take it, but with limitations. The fact is that “methane” is very powerful, and that’s either all or nothing. In fact, even the list below is based on the fact that in some cases, the intake of this substance is possible, but only with the supervision and advice of a doctor.

  • Prepubertal period. Until the end of puberty, this steroid can only be prescribed by a doctor if puberty was not completed for any reason.
  • The exhaustion of the body. Again, in this case, it can be taken only as directed by the attending physician. Depletion can be of any type, either from illness or starvation, or radiation exposure and serious injuries.
  • In some cases, such as breast or bone cancer, it can stimulate the spread of metastases and tumor growth, so you should be extremely careful and consult your doctor.

How to take it

Basically, there are two main ways to take this steroid. It is taken either separately, on its own (solo), or in combination with other substances (combined use). Once again, it is worth pointing out that a dosage exceeding 50 mg per day will not lead to a greater effect, but it will increase the number and intensity of side effects.


It should be taken daily, in an amount of ten to fifty milligrams. The cycle should be about forty days, before the onset of serious side effects. After this, a break should be taken to restore the body. It is believed that recovery occurs after three to four months if serious liver damage has not been done. Her condition should be monitored.

If you have not taken steroid drugs before, then you should not start with large dosages. It is better to stop at 10-15 mg.

The intake should be divided into several times a day, since the active time of the substance is five hours.

It is worth noting that these recommendations apply to the combined method.


This method involves the use of auxiliary drugs that help either minimize side effects or increase the effectiveness of the intake.

  • To gain mass, it should be combined with testosterone or prolonged nadrolone. The latter should be used in an amount of 0.2 grams per week, and drink 30-40 mg per day in four doses.
  • To reduce the effect of estrogen, its moderators, for example, provitron, are taken. This is worth doing for those athletes who are prone to side effects of the androgynous type.

Side effects of the drug

For the most part, if the drug is used in accordance with the developed methods, there are no side effects, or they are insignificant. The only exception is the intake of this substance by women. Due to its properties, even when taking small amounts (up to 10 mg), masculinity can develop. This is due to the fact that we serve stimulates the production of testosterone and has an androgynous effect. As a result, there may be problems with the reproductive system, as well as hair growth and, in extremely rare cases, voice changes.

If the drug is used incorrectly, then this can affect the liver. The fact is that large doses of the drug have a strong toxic effect on the liver. In addition, aromatase is released – a substance that destroys testosterone and turns it into estrogen, and such a load affects the liver even more. As a result, a decrease in libido, as well as the appearance of acne, water retention in the body and increased oily skin can occur. An unpleasant surprise caused by the destruction of testosterone is gynecomastia, that is, breast growth according to the female type of body.

Speaking of exceeding dosages, one cannot but mention the fact that an increase in muscle mass can cause hypertrophy of the ventricles of the heart, which will greatly harm health.

In rare cases, baldness may occur.

Of cycle, almost all negative side effects can be minimized, but before taking counter-drugs, you should consult your trainer or doctor.

Which is better: Naposim or Danabol?

There are no fundamental differences between these two drugs, since they, in fact, are different names for one drug – Methandrostenolone. Despite the fact that some argue that Danabol is “softer” or that we’ll “more efficiently”, it’s just a banal taste.

Reception reviews

At first I was looking for information on Naposim for a long time, reviews everywhere were positive. I did not find any special differences from Nerobol, it works in the same way.

Recently acquired this drug. It’s a good thing, although I didn’t know how to start taking it – as soon as the instruction advises you to start taking it a little, and on the Internet they say that you can start with 30 mg. I decided not to risk it, I started with 10 mg, so far everything is fine.

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