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Muscle Growth Hormone Cycle

Even people who are far from sports are aware that hormones affect the functionality of our bodies. The general condition of the organism depends on how and in what quantity they are produced. In addition, the production of hormones is responsible for strength and endurance. This is what determines the high popularity cycling steroids of hormonal drugs among athletes. Their intake allows you to increase the intensity of training and leads to an increase in muscle mass. The undisputed leader in sports circles is testosterone. But there are other, equally effective hormones. In particular, growth hormone.

Growth Hormone: Pharmacological Properties

Growth hormone, or growth hormone, is the most important substance for our body. Its main function is clear from the name – it provokes growth. Developed in a special part of the brain – the pituitary gland, somatotropin reaches its maximum concentration in the human body during puberty. This causes a rapid growth of adolescents.

But this does not end the function of the hormone. Its production allows the body to regulate body weight, keep bones strong, skin elastic, blood vessels healthy.

All these miraculous actions are explained by the pharmacological properties of the hormone:

  • anabolic (or growth hormone) – the hormone stimulates tissue growth;
  • regulation of protein metabolism – thanks to growth hormone, individual peptides actively enter the cells, accelerating protein production;
  • regulation of metabolic processes – the hormone controls fat metabolism and reduces the amount of adipose tissue;
  • control over maintaining water balance – the hormone prevents the withdrawal of fluid from the body;
  • preservation of vital elements – prevents the removal of potassium, sodium and phosphorus from the body;
  • increased blood glucose;
  • lower cholesterol.

How does growth hormone work?

The main principle of the hormone: the activation of metabolic processes in the body. This means that under the influence of growth hormone, metabolism is accelerated: protein synthesis improves, fat is actively burned at the same time, tissues are saturated with the necessary organic substances, stimulating muscle growth.

Who should use the GR cycle?

Thanks to this set of “miraculous” properties, growth hormone attracts athletes, in particular bodybuilders. It is believed that taking a cycle of growth hormone will help to build muscle mass as quickly and efficiently as possible.

It turns out that the exchange rate of growth hormone can be started by athletes who intend to reach a new level of training and achieve intensive muscle growth.

Synthetic growth hormone is a universal drug. There are no serious gender and age restrictions. It can be taken by both men and women. However, there are still a number of contraindications.


It is not recommended to take the hormone to persons under 20 years of age. This is due to the mechanism of action of growth hormone – intake at a young age can provoke a disproportionate growth.

Another serious contraindication: diabetes. Growth hormone enhances glucose production, which causes hyperglycemia.

GR Cycle Options

The use of growth hormone for sports purposes became popular in the middle of the last century. Since then, various intake regimens have been developed.


The rate of growth hormone “Solo” can be called “introductory.” It is not accompanied by any other steroids or other sports synthetic supplements.

The purpose of the reception: creating the perfect muscle relief, increasing muscle elasticity, cleansing the skin. It is advisable to conduct the first cycle of admission under the supervision of a doctor.

The cycle will consist of daily strictly dosed injections according to the scheme:

  1. First week. Dose: 5 units. It can be divided into 2 doses.
  2. The second week: a gradual increase in dose to 10 PIECES (5 PIECES 2 times a day).

The first injection is recommended after waking up, before eating (so that the blood sugar level is as low as possible).

The second injection is during or immediately after training. In the days of lack of training – 30-40 minutes before lunch.

For women, the recommended daily dose of the drug is 4-8 units. Duration of admission: 3-4 months. With a longer intake, addiction occurs.

To mass

Purpose: relief with a set of muscle mass.

The essence of the cycle: the reception is carried out on the basis of the Solo cycle, while anabolic steroids are included in it .

The most optimal drugs:

  • ” Testosterone Enanthate ” – 250-500 mg per week;
  • “Sustanon 250” – 250-500 mg per week;
  • “Boldenone” – 400 mg per week.

The scheme for taking the rate of growth hormone “On Mass”:

  1. Gradually, the dose of GR should be increased to 12 units per day.
  2. The duration of steroids is 8 weeks.
  3. The total duration of the cycle of GR is 6 months.
  4. You must follow a sports diet.

For drying

The main goal: burning fat while maintaining relief.

Essence: in the connection of fat burners. The cycle “Solo” is also taken as a basis, the fat burner “Thyroxine” is included in it.

Dose: 100-200 mcg per day. They are divided into three doses: in the morning, at lunch, and in the evening until 18:00. The dose increases gradually – starting from 50 mcg with a subsequent increase of 25 mcg every two days. Admission should be no more than 1 month. Drug withdrawal is also carried out gradually, the withdrawal scheme will be the same.

It is extremely important to follow a diet. It is necessary to reduce the intake of fats and fast carbohydrates. Protein should be at least 250 g per day.

Features of the first cycle of growth hormone

The first experience of taking GH can be called a hormone cycle for beginners. That is, for those who have not previously encountered the use of hormonal drugs for sports purposes.

The peculiarity of the first cycle of administration is a gradual increase in the dose. This will allow you to track the reaction of the body to the drug, to control overall health. Moreover, this approach will help to avoid side effects.

You can start a growth hormone cycle for a beginner with 2 units per day. Then gradually increase the dose.

The best option for beginners will be taking the drug at the rate of “Solo”.

Minimum and maximum period of use of drugs GR

How long does the growth hormone cycle last, each athlete decides independently. This will depend on the type of cycle chosen, on the goals and sports tasks of the athlete.

At the same time, to obtain at least some tangible results, the hormone should be taken for at least 3 months.

The maximum terms are 6-8 months. In addition to the possible addiction of the body to the drug, prolonged use can cause a series of side effects.

Proper nutrition during the cycle

Synthetic hormones, although they are an excellent catalyst for muscle growth, are not magic pills. In order to achieve maximum results, in addition to taking hormonal drugs, you need to exercise intensively and eat properly. Dieting is the key to success. A lack of calories will affect muscle growth and will never lead to the desired relief. Indiscriminate nutrition, accompanied by the use of animal fat and fast carbohydrates, on the contrary, contributes to weight gain. True, this mass will not consist of muscles.

The specific diet depends on the goal of the athlete.

When gaining mass on a cycle of GR, it is necessary to observe the basic principles of nutrition “on mass”:

  • at least 5 meals a day;
  • high-calorie foods;
  • minimum fat and fast carbohydrates;
  • proper nutrition before and after training;
  • proportions BZHU.

On drying, food should be monitored even more strictly:

  • calorie needs to be reduced;
  • fats and fast carbohydrates are also banned;
  • protein – at least 250 g per day

Expected Effects

Bodybuilders take growth hormone with one goal – to build muscle. With a well-chosen cycle of administration, proper diet and intense training, taking GR will allow you to make a solid leap in weight gain. But the main advantage of taking the drug will be a simultaneous decrease in body fat.

Due to the beneficial effects of growth hormone on bone tissue, the risk of injury will be greatly reduced. And in case of injury, the tissue will recover as soon as possible.

Side effects risks

However, like any anabolic drug, growth hormone has a wide range of side effects.

Among them:

  • structural changes in the skeleton: curvature of the spine, deformation of the chest (it becomes swollen);
  • swelling of the body (especially the face);
  • a change in the timbre of the voice – to a more hoarse (occurs due to the larynx compaction);
  • myocardial hypertrophy. The risk of developing coronary heart disease is increased;
  • different parts of the body (cheekbones, feet) increase;
  • deformation of the joints caused by excessively rapid growth causes pain during movement;
  • in especially severe cases, infertility may develop (in both women and men).

How to choose the best growth hormone drug?

The use of hormonal drugs for sports purposes is an expensive undertaking. So, hundreds of dollars are spent on one, albeit the best, rate of HGH. In the pursuit of cheapness, athletes often turn to the sale “with hands” from private individuals. But in this way they put their health at great risk.

What should I look for?

The main thing to which you should be extremely careful is the quality of the goods. With growth hormone, things are quite simple. There are only 2 options: the original (real hormone) or fake. In order not to fall for a fake, it is better to buy the drug in a pharmacy.

It is worth paying attention to:

  • licensed drug. Availability of a license guarantees high quality of goods. Confirms that it is manufactured in accordance with international standards;
  • price-quality ratio. Too low a price immediately indicates that the product is fake. Their price is 4-5 times lower than drugs from European manufacturers. So, the minimum price of a quality Chinese drug will be: not less than $ 25 per unit injection.

How to distinguish a fake drug?

Any fake can not only not lead to the desired result, but also harm the body of the athlete. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose a safe rate of growth hormone.

When choosing a drug, you need to pay attention to:

  1. Availability of a license. You can simply ask the pharmacy for a certificate of goods.
  2. The presence of a protective sticker and a unique number under it.
  3. Evenly pasted label and cardboard packaging.

The most popular drugs

Among bodybuilders, the most popular hormonal drugs are Thyroxine, Ansomon, and Testosterone Propionate.


It is one of the main thyroid hormones. In medicine, the drug is used to treat thyroid pathologies. In sports, this hormone helps bodybuilders “dry out”.

The effect of thyroxine is to accelerate metabolism, increase fat burning, suppress appetite. The drug can be taken for a long time.


Growth hormone drug. It is recombinant, that is, identical to the natural hormone produced in the human body. Helps increase muscle mass, provokes fat burning, enhances bone density. The drug is made in China, and therefore affordable.

Testosterone Propionate

The most popular steroid drug in bodybuilding. Attracts athletes with a range of positive effects. The drug provokes the development of muscle mass and strength. After the cycle administration, the relief increases, the strength indicators improve, the fat layer decreases.

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