Top steroids manufacturers in 2018!

We choose for ourselves the best global brands of steroid drugs in 2018

Relief muscles, slender pumped body, endurance in training – is this not the ultimate dream of everyone who is committed to and physical exertion. But not everything can be achieved solely by grueling workouts and diet. Highly effective steroid preparations will help to go beyond the limits of your body’s capabilities, conquer real heights and realize the best performance at competitions. Steroids are effective, fast, and therefore popular. How not to fall into the trap scam !? How not to get a fake, dangerous to health!? What to choose for yourself!? To deal with these questions will help our research.

Our team conducted a unique study.

Before everyone there is a question of choosing a drug, taking into account individual characteristics and wishes. Exclusively for our clients, we organized a large-scale research activity in order to identify the best of the best steroid-type pharmacological substances. We have taken into account the main factors: • acceptable price;  • proven supplier and guarantee of authenticity;  • the effects on health and well-being;  • value for money;  • the effect, effectiveness and timing;  • level of world popularity;  • variability range. All evaluated criteria are presented in points and are enclosed in a rating table. Thus, we present you an exclusive list of top steroid manufacturers.

Steroids market leaders:

1.  – 44 points ; 2. Dragon Pharma   – 43 points; 3. Maxtreme – 42 points each; 4. Indian Brand – 39 points; 5. Eminence Labs – 38 points.

Choose a suitable drug by rating. How!?

Our team has prepared the most convenient table for finding the highest-rated drugs for each criterion individually and as a whole. The rating presents the main pharmacological brands:   1. Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova) 2. Pharmacom Labs (Moldova)  (old batch) 3. Vermodje SRL (Moldova) 4. Golden Dragon aka EPF (China) 5. British Dragon (India) 6. Alpha Pharma (India) 7 . Zhengzhou You Pharmaceutical (ZPHC) (China) 8. SP Laboratories (the SP Labs) 9. British Dispensary (Thailand) 10. British Pharmaceuticals 11. Lyka labs (India) 12. Organon (The Netherlands, Pakistan, Egypt) 13. Aburaihan Pharmaceutical (Iran) 14. Bayer Schering Pharma (Germany) 15. Radjay Healthcare (India) 16. British Dragon Platinum (BD Platinum) 17. Magnus Pharmaceuticals 18. Swiss Remedies 19. Olymp   They are listed in the table by the number of points scored, this is the 2018 steroid manufacturers rating. Compare, look at the ratings in general and select the best thanks to the table of unique research in the field of steroids.

ManufacturersQualitypricepopularityAuthenticity of drugsVariety of drugsTotal
oneBalkan Pharmaceuticals(Moldova)7fiveteneighteight38
2 Pharmacom Labs(Moldova)   (old batch)9five97ten40
3Vermodje SRL (Moldova)77eightfive734
fourGolden Dragon  , he isEPF ( China )eight76eight736
fiveBritish Dragon(India)7teneighteight639
6Dragon Pharma (India)tenfourtententen44
7ZhengzhouPharmaceutical (ZPHC) (China)9fiveeight9738
eightSP Laboratories (SP Labs)9677736
9British Dispensary(Thailand)eightfivefive9734
tenBritish Pharmaceuticalsfiveeightfivefive326
elevenLyka labs (India)677fivefivethirty
12Organon(Holland, Pakistan, Egypt)ten697739
13Aburaihan Pharmaceutical(Iran)ten6eighteight335
14Bayer Schering Pharma (Germany)77fivefivefour28
15RadjayHealthcare (India)7767734
sixteenBritish Dragon Platinum (BD Platinum)963five225
17Magnus Pharmaceuticalsten76tenten43
18Swiss remediesten76ten942

For example, if the drug cost prevails for you, then select the desired column, in which the undoubted leader is British Dragon from India.Given the high quality indicators, its popularity is logical in general. By the way, Balkan Pharmaceuticals and Alpha Pharma brands became the most popular this year. According to the criterion of “best value for money”, attention should be paid to brands such as British DragonMagnus Pharmaceutical and Swiss Remedies. Whatever name you choose for yourself, you can find it on our website. Only proven suppliers, quality assurance and reasonable prices.

We select the necessary steroids together

When choosing a steroid for yourself you should always remember that no matter how first-class its effect is, much depends on you. Only well-thought-out workouts during the course of taking steroids, proper and balanced nutrition and your general attitude will give the most positive and effective results. And do not forget about the strictly prescribed dosages and ability to listen to your body! Only in this way you will surely achieve victories on all fronts!