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Active chemical: furosemide.

Trade names:

Durafirid 40 mg Tbl .: Durahemi.

 Fumarenid 40 mg Tbl .: Brenner Efeka.

Spanish police arrest 10 in anti-doping raids connected with Beijing 2008 Olympics

 Furo-Puren 40 mg Tbl .: Klinge-Natterm Puren.

 Furo-Raziofarm 30 mg caps .: Raziofarm. Long

 Furorez 40 mg, 500 mg Tbl .: Nexal.

WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy Pleads Guilty to DWI Charge from March Arrest

 Furosemide 40 mg Tbl .: Heumann.

 Furosemide 40mg tbl .: Stadafarm. Herds

 Furosemide – Raziofarm 40 mg, 500 mg Tbl: Raziofarm.


Oops: Hull man calls police to report break-in, then they arrest him for the explosive device they say they found in his house

 Fusid 40 mg tbl .: Sanofi Vintron.

 Hydro-Rapid table 40 mg Tbl .: Sanoranya.

 Yenafusid 40 mg Tbl .: Yenafarm.

 Lasix 40 mg, 500 mg Tbl .: Hoehst (Hoechst).

 Edemase 40 mg Tbl .: Atsupharma.

Horror as gang of 50 ‘CHARGE POLICE’ during arrest of suspected Iranian drug dealer

 Sigazalur 40 mg tbl: Siegfried.

 Injection solutions:

 Durafurid 20 mg / 2ml Durachemide

Furosemide Raziofarm

 Furorese 40 mg / 4ml Hexal

 Furosemide – Raziofarm 20 mg / 2ml Raziofarm.

Stronach Group to ban Lasix at its California tracks; 22nd fatality at Santa Anita – Brisnet

 Furosemide – herds of 20 mg / 2ml Stadafarm.

 Fuzid 20 mg / 2ml Sanofi Winthrop

Bomb suspect has long arrest record, including bomb threat

 Lasix 20 mg / 2ml Hoechst

 Lasix 40 mg / 4ml Hoechst.

Note: The active chemical furosemide is commercially available in Germany, also in the form of a diffusion solution. Abroad there are other drugs in various forms of release, which are not given here.

Lasix is ​​not a hormonal drug, it is a diuretic. It belongs to the saluretic group, more precisely, it is Sehleifen – diuretic. Its action is expressed in a clearly increasing increase in the excretion of water and salts from the body, the excretion of sodium, chlorides, potassium, calcium and water. Another important quality of this kind of drugs that you should pay attention to is that the reverse resorption of potassium, sodium and chloride ions slows down. This leads to a significant electrolyte imbalance. Due to its property to dehydrate intensively, Lasix is ​​used in the treatment of edema and hypertension. Bodybuilding athletes take Lasix shortly before the competition to remove excess subcutaneous water and to look elastic on the stage at the time of the competition. Tablets begin to act within an hour and their impact lasts 3 to 4 hours. Depending on the amount of excess water in the body, there are more or less frequent urination urges. In this case, in the shortest possible time, significant weight loss can occur. On this basis, Lasix is ​​accepted by athletes to stabilize weight in order to better get closer to a certain weight category. Athletes prefer, as a rule, oral release form of the drug. Sometimes athletes use the injectable or intravenous version on the morning of competition day, since these forms act instantly and are good where the athlete panics because of the more or less pronounced water remaining under the skin. Yet such an application of Lazix may have the opposite effect, the muscles shrink, lose bulge, become flat, the athlete loses in masculinity, during warm-up, warming up can not achieve the pump, if in the shortest time to remove from the body too much water and mineral substances. And therefore it can happen that this or that athlete – a professional or amateur who has achieved the best success, will have to apply all sorts of countermeasures, which are a bag full of glucose solution for intravenous injection just before the start of the competition, just to increase the blood volume again to smooth out potassium loss, many athletes take potassium chloride tablets. But it is not so unsafe, since an overdose of potassium can lead to cardiac arrest. Judging from the experience, Lasix is ​​used in the last 2 days before the competition.

Dosage, time of administration, intervals of administration depend normally on the diuretic effect, as well as the external form of the athlete. Based on experience, athletes take a half or a full 40 milligram pill and wait for it to happen. Some people repeat this procedure after a few hours another 1-2 times. Lasix is ​​the most powerful diuretic and the most dangerous drug in the medical arsenal of bodybuilders. Side effects include: diseases of the circulatory system, dizziness, dehydration, muscle spasms, vomiting, vascular collapse, diarrhea, a feeling of indisposition.

In extreme cases, cardiac arrest may occur. It is quite possible that this was the cause of the death of two athletes: the deceased in the 80th Austrian bodybuilder Heinz Salmayer and in October of the 92nd Mohammed Benaziza. It is necessary to be extremely cautious to those who are already sufficiently dehydrated, and not to use the drug with the slogan "Life or death"should also not continue to take the drug in combination with a limited drink.

WARNING: 500 mg – in no case can not be taken to people with normal renal function. This type of diuretic is given strictly according to the prescription and only in a pharmacy. Package No. 1 of Lasix of the company Hoechst contains 20 tablets of 40 mg each and costs 9.38 DM (red list, 1993). Lasix is ​​extremely rare on the black market.