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How to take testosterone enanthate

Testosterone enanthate is an ester of the main male hormone – androgen. In bodybuilding, it is the most popular and sought-after steroid for activating muscle tissue growth. The drug is a prolonged-action beginner steroid cycle. Depending on metabolic processes and hormones, the average period of action of active substances is a month (the time it takes for a drug to be removed from the body is a week). In bodybuilding, injections are given once or twice in 7 days to maintain a constantly increased and as much as possible established concentration.

The effect of testosterone enanthate on the body

Perhaps the main advantage of the drug is the activation of muscle tissue growth along with strength and endurance (therefore, heavyweights highly appreciate injections). Active substances affect the body not only with anabolic, but also with androgenic effects. The instant growth of muscle tissue and weight is explained by a significant influx of water and a slowed-down lymphatic system. Excess sodium gradually builds up in the body.

Injections often prescribe a trainer for their wards who are struggling with joint problems. The drug helps to eliminate crunching in the shoulders, it stimulates regenerative processes. It fills the internal organs with oxygen. Testosterone enanthate action is proven by numerous reviews online.

Who can use this cycle?

Any man who cares about his appearance. The drug is popular among powerlifting athletes, weightlifters, heavyweights.

What results can be achieved with this cycle?

Muscle tissue enlargement. Injections are recommended initially for those athletes who want to build muscle and look strong. Even when choosing a testosterone enanthate solo cycle, amazing results can be achieved.

On average, after an injection cycle, an athlete gains up to twelve kilograms of total weight, as well as:

  • The body becomes physically resilient, and it is with regard to strength indicators. The effect can be achieved due to the increased concentration of oxygen in muscle cells.
  • The percentage of fatigue decreases, muscle tissue recovers faster after exercise (the most noticeable result).
  • The fat layer becomes minimal.
  • Male libido is activated, sperm become more active.

In the process of training, you manage to give the maximum and so every day, throughout the cycle and a half months after it.

Solo and combined cycles for mass gain

The cycle should last up to twelve weeks maximum, because the active substances are a class of long esters.

The initial dose starts from 200 mg in 7 days and is brought up to 2000 mg. But such killer doses are shown only to professional athletes, beginners can be limited to 400 mg in 7 days, for a combined cycle – 700 mg in 7 days.

Injections are administered intramuscularly, usually in the buttock. The active substances of the drug are active esters of long exposure, so some athletes choose injections according to the scheme. But to maintain an established anabolic background, injections are best administered once a week.

A combined cycle can be carried out with any drug, but only, it is more rational to include short esters for stopping anabolic pits. To increase the percentage of muscle tissue, the drug is perfectly combined with the active substances Anapolonoma, Methandrostenolonoma, Nandrolonoma and Trenbolone.

Examples of combination therapy:

  • 250 mg of decanoate in 7 days.
  • 500 mg testosterone enanthate in 7 days.

If a person dries to show relief in competitions, the active substances of Winstroloma or Anavaroma are added in an average dosage.

Solo cycle: up to 700 mg in 7 days, duration of injections – 2, 3 months. The drug is administered 2-3 times in 7 days. At 3 months, Clenbuterol is added, which is still taken for a month.

Injection frequency

Beginners: the introduction of 250 mg per week. Then the active substances of Turinabol 40 mg per day are added. The duration of therapy is up to 2 months.

Chemists: administration of 500 mg in 7 days. It is combined with Deca in a proportion of 200 mg in 7 days, injections are administered several times a week, lasting three months.

Senior alchemists: Enanthate with what to combine? 1000 mg is administered in 7 days. Combined with tren 300 mg in 7 days. The duration of therapy is up to three months, the active substances are administered twice a week.

Maximum effective dose

According to tests, the dose of the drug to maintain muscle cortex reaches 3 grams per week (maximum 4). This indicator is prescribed for professional athletes, a further increase in dosage is pointless.

To prevent the development of estrogen negative manifestations, it is more rational to use the active substances of aromatase inhibitors or Proviron, starting from the second month of therapy. To monitor the indicators of the state of the body and increase the growth indicators of muscle tissue, it is necessary to take a general blood and urine test once a month. These indicators will be able to control the effectiveness.

Also, as a protection for the body, it is necessary to purchase and try the active substances of the enanthate of cortisol blockers in order to preserve the gained mass.

How to inject enanthate can always be read in the instructions for the drug.

Feasible side effects

The biggest problem in using the drug is the possible aromatization, i.e. estrogens are formed.

As a result, often happens:

  • breast enlargement with gland hypertrophy;
  • accumulation of fluid;
  • deposition of fat in the thighs and abdomen, as in women.

Several years ago, scientists proved that these problems arise as a result of stopping antiestrogens. It is more advisable and even important to use the latter after injections, first of all, to restore the production of sex hormone, androgen. The drug, like any other anabolic, negatively affects the focus that regulates the neuroendocrine activity of the brain – the endocrine glands – paired male gonads. As a result, the secretion of testosterone, after a cycle of injected injections, falls catastrophically, which leads to the fact that the person seems to be “blown away”.

Yes, the drug has a positive effect on male libido and sperm activity, but only if its dose is set correctly and the person has enough of all the substances. Otherwise, with an independent dose reduction, the activity of sperm in the testes decreases, and, accordingly, they decrease. For this reason, during long cycles, it is necessary to constantly take tests and check the condition of the body.

Active substances of the drug also cause such side effects as:

  • acne;
  • increase in pressure indicators;
  • violation of psychological balance;
  • baldness and others.

Proper Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT)

You can’t just take and stop taking the drug, because the body will cease to receive the necessary amount of elements and hormones vital for it. In addition, 4 months is a long enough period for the body to get used to working in a new way.

Active substances: ecdysterone (at a dosage of 100-300 mg / day) and D-aspartic acid 4 g. per day will help internal organs quickly restore hormone secretion in order to generally improve the well-being of men.

Growth hormones are secreted by anti-catabolic activities. Dosage – ten units, the daily dose is divided into several doses. It also enhances the effectiveness of AAS, burns fat, restores joint mobility.

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