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How to buy HGH and Peptides in USA and why American athletes usually try to find steroids online.

The use of growth hormone (HGH) is a topical and often discussed topic among USA athletes. Is it worth it to take the drug at all, what results will it allow to achieve, does it create a danger to human health? Acceptance of hormones raises many legitimate questions, including the feasibility of their use for the rapid build-up of muscles. Also, many athletes are interested in the issue of contraindications of the drugs and the presence of side effects.

Why should one buy growth hormone?

hgh peptidesDrugs containing growth hormone contribute to the activation of the anabolic effects on the body, manifested in the form of increased protein synthesis. Improves metabolism, accelerates metabolic processes, which contributes to enhanced growth of muscle mass. The use of growth hormone brings a number of undeniable advantages to an athlete:

  •  The body quickly loses excess subcutaneous fatty tissue, including in the places of its abundant accumulation (abdomen, thighs, buttocks);
  • Muscle mass is growing steadily, increasing physical strength and the ability to endure increased physical exertion (an important factor for the training process);
  • The elasticity of the skin improves, wrinkles disappear, the appearance of the athlete becomes younger;
  • Internal organs resume their growth;
  • Strength of bone tissue increases, tendons and ligaments strengthen;
  • There is a general positive effect on the cardiovascular and immune system.


Effective HGH Dosage and methods of its use

To obtain a certain effect from the effect of the hormone on the patient’s body, there is a minimum allowable dose of 4 conventional units of the active substance. The cost of growth hormone can vary significantly depending on the place of its sale, so it will be advisable to study the price list before buying. The duration of the hormonal drug intake course is at least 6 weeks, the maximum rate will be 3-4 months. Admission involves strict adherence to the dosage of reception, the excess can cause the appearance of side effects.

How does growth hormone work?

In fact, growth hormone affects the body in three ways.

Firstly, it has a strong anabolic effect and promotes increased protein synthesis, which is expressed in muscle hypertrophy (an increase in muscle cell size) and in muscle hyperplasia – an increase in their QUANTITY.

The last property of growth hormone is unique in that anabolic steroids do not give a similar effect. This is probably the reason why somatotropic hormone is called the most powerful anabolic hormone. Secondly, growth hormone has a strong effect on the process of burning fat. It burns fat intensively, which allows the athlete to consume more calories. Thirdly, what is often noticed by ns, growth hormone strengthens the connective tissue, tendons, bones and cartilage, which, apparently, is one of the main reasons for the incredible increase in strength that is observed in some athletes. Some bodybuilders and powerlifters are convinced that in this way growth hormone protects them from injuries, the likelihood of which increases dramatically in parallel with the growth of working weights accompanying steroid use. In addition, an increase in bones, cartilage, tendons and internal organs makes the athlete REALLY MASSIVE. And this is not the mass that “leaves”, as it happens when the user “gets off” from steroids. True, some athletes, having tried growth hormone, did not feel any positive changes. Why did this happen?

1. The dosage of the drug was too low and / or it was not applied long enough. These problems are understandable, since growth hormone is quite expensive.
2. HGH has been used alone.

What are peptides and what are they used for?

Peptides are substances consisting of active amino acid residues. The most characteristic peptide is a protein, its structure contains about 6 thousand amino acids and more than 50 residues. Currently, a group of peptides has about 1.5 thousand nosological units, mostly obtained by artificial synthesis. Among fans of “iron” peptides are very popular because they have the property to stimulate the body to produce growth hormone and testosterone. In bodybuilding, it is customary to divide peptides into two groups: functional and structural types. The first group is the foundation for muscle growth, weight gain and fat burning.

The ability to enhance the production of hormones by the body, increased the popularity of peptides among athletes seeking to gain muscle mass, increase endurance and get rid of excess fat. The question of the use of peptides remains relevant until today, due to the presence on the market of pure synthetic growth hormone and exogenous testosterone.

How peptides are used in bodybuilding?

Being links to the construction of protein molecules, peptides themselves become the building material of the body. In the case when the production of protein molecules is disrupted in the body, the human body is exposed to negative external factors that lead to the development of diseases, wear and aging of the body. In violation of the control function, a malfunction occurs in the cells, which entails a disruption of the vital functions and functioning of the organ. And since all the organs in the body are interconnected, there is a violation of the activity of the whole system of organs. It is the peptides that prevent:

  1. The development of disorders in the work of the cardiovascular system;
  2. Digestive system disorders;
  3. The onset of cancer;
  4. Obesity;
  5. The onset of diabetes.

Peptides also contribute to the elimination of radionuclides and salts of heavy metals from the body.

The “information system” of the body

All the genetic information of the body is recorded on a matrix – DNA. The synthesis of new protein molecules occurs due to the “reading” of this information using peptides. Peptides carry the “written off” information to the cells where protein molecules are synthesized.

All peptides have a narrow working specialization, and each organ and tissue has its own personal peptides. And at the same time, peptides of a certain specialization have the same structure in different species of mammals. This discovery made it possible to create drugs based on animal peptides.

adminHow to buy HGH and Peptides in USA and why American athletes usually try to find steroids online.