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Growth hormones.

Active chemical: somatropin.

Anabolic steroids impair the exercise-induced growth of the …

Trade names:

Korpomon 4 Ie Nikken Japan.

 Crescormon 4 me Globofarm China; Kabi UK, Yugoslavia; Kabi Vitrum United States.

 Crescormonn 4 I Cabi – Fides Spain.

 Genotonorm 4 Ie Kaby Belgium; Cabipfrimmer Spain.

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 Genotropin 4 Ie Kabi Pharmacy Germany, Denmark, Sweden 12 Ie Glofarm Switzerland.

 Genotropin 16 Ie Kabi Pharmacy Germany, Denmark, SF.

 Genotropin 4 me Kaby Pharmacy Australia, Poland, SF; Pirel Italy.

 Geno Kabi Kvik 2 IU, Zme Kabi Pharmacy Germanic.

 Grorm (filmed) 4 IU Serono Germany, China, England, Italy. Gumatrop 4 me Lilly Germany, Denmark, England, Sweden, United Kingdom, SF; Eli Lilly Belgium; Serum Institute Institute of Serum and Vaccination, Switzerland.

 Gumatrop 5 mg pp Lilly USA.

U.S. survey finds more teens using synthetic human growth hormones

 Gumatrop 16 me Lilly Germany, Denmark, SF.

 Norditropin 4 I Nordisk Poland; Nordisk Gentofte Denmark; Novo Nordisk Austria, Spain.

 Norditropin 12 me Novo-Nordisk Germany, SF; Novo UK; Nordisk Gentofte Denmark; Nordisk Belgium, Poland.

 Norditropin Ren Seth 24 IU Novo-Nordisk Germany. Seizen (Zayzen) (Sayzen) 4 IU Serono Germany, England, China, Australia, Italy, United Kingdom.

 Samatasorm 4 Ie Biomed Poland.

The Swole Truth: Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Steroids For Muscle Growth

 Somat Sero (removed) 4 IU Serum Therapy Institute Austria.

“Oh, this is really an excellent legal steroid. The best tool for long-term muscle building. This is the only medication that makes you forget even a bad genetic predisposition, because any he gives growth. Growth hormones are the biggest risk that an athlete can take, because adverse events are irreversible. And despite this we love this drug.” (Daniel Duchain, Directory of Underground Steroids, 1982).

Like no other doping agent, growth hormones are surrounded in their use and use by an aura of mystery. Some call it a miracle means, which in the shortest possible time gives a giant increase in strength and mass. Others consider it completely useless in achieving results and explain this by the fact that the drug stimulates growth only “dwarfs”lagging behind in the physical development of children. Some people think that growth hormones cause terrible bone deformations in the form of the Habsburg jaw and gigantic growth in adults. And, in general, what growth hormones, in fact, to take and in what dosage? Disagreements over hormones are so complex that the reader must have some basic basic information in order to understand these differences. HGH is a hormone – a polypeptide consisting of 191 amino acids. It is produced by the human pituitary gland and is secreted with appropriate irritations (for example, exercise, sleep, stress, low blood sugar). And here it is important to understand that the release of human growth hormone does not have a direct effect on the body itself, but only stimulates the production of liver and the release of non-aulin-like growth factors and somatomedin into the blood. Only they have a different effect on the body. The problem is that the liver can produce only a limited number of these substances, so that the effect on the body is limited. And if hormones are injected from outside, they only excite the liver to produce and release these substances into the blood and do not have, as mentioned above, a direct effect.

growth hormones

Until the mid-80s, only the human active form existed as an exogenous source of introduction into the body. It was extracted from the pituitary of the dead, which was extremely costly. When in 1985 they began to associate the growth hormone with extremely uncommon Jacob Krayufeld’s disease (brain disease), which caused dementia and death, manufacturers began to take the drug out of production. Today, human growth hormone is no longer sold for injection. Fortunately, science was not asleep and found a synthetic growth hormone, which is produced by genetic engineering from transformed muscle cells. And for several years now it has been sold in many countries (see the list of trade names). We also can offer you our nice reading regading natural (fitness without steroids) if you enjoy our info.

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The use of these drugs triply affects the athlete in the field of his achievements. Growth hormone has a strong anabolic effect and contributes to increased protein synthesis, which is expressed in muscle hypertrophy (increase in the size of the muscle cell) and in muscle hyperplasia (increase in their number). The latter is quite interesting, because steroids do not give this. This is probably the reason why the somatotropic hormone is called the strongest anabolic hormone. Secondly, somatotropic hormone has a strong influence on the process of burning fat. It vigorously converts fat into energy, which leads to its intense disappearance, which allows the athlete to consume more calories. Thirdly, which is often overlooked, the somatotropic hormone strengthens connective tissue, tendons, bones and cartilage, which is probably one of the main reasons for the incredible increase in strength that is observed in some athletes. Some athletes of and powerlifting say that the somatotropic hormone protects thanks to this quality of athletes from damage, if at the same time taking steroids, the force is rapidly growing. Everything is fine, you say. What is the problem, some will finally say, isn’t the hormone interesting for the athlete? Is interesting. But, there are many athletes who have tried the hormone on themselves and were left disappointed. But, as in life in general, this is a logical explanation, and not one.

The athlete just regularly took an insufficient amount of the hormone and a rather long period of time, because Somatotropic hormone is a very expensive drug and for many in the required dose is financially unavailable.

The use of the hormone increases the body’s need for thyroid hormone, insulin, corticosteroids, gonadotropins, estrogens and, listen and be surprised, androgens and anabolic steroids. This is the reason that the somatotropic hormone as the only drug taken is much less effective and can have its optimal effect on the body only with the additional use of steroids, thyroid hormone and insulin. But here it is necessary to distinguish, because we know that growth hormone has a predominantly anabolic effect. There are 3 hormones that are needed at the same time to ensure maximum anabolic effect. These are growth hormone, insulin and thyroid hormone L-T3, such as cytomel. Only in this case, the liver can produce and release the optimal amount of somatomedins and insulin-like growth factors. This anabolic effect can be further enhanced if a substance with an anti-catabolic effect is additionally taken. What are these substances, everyone must pro hormones for sale be clear: a / a steroids or Clenbuterol. Only then comes the synergistic effect. And you are still surprised that big athletes are so incredibly massive, but at the same time so clearly defined in the muscles, while you are not? “Polypharmacology at its best”, as W. Nathaniel Phillips once remarked very expressively in his book “Handbook of Anabolic, 5th ed., 1990”. And yet again, back to “anabolic formula”: growth hormone, insulin and L-T3. Most athletes have tried somatotropic hormone in the preparation phase for the competition, i.e. in a phase with a reduced calorie diet. The body responds normally to this, while it reduces the release of insulin and thyroid hormone L-T3. And as described in paragraph 2, this is not a winning state for the good work of the somatotropic hormone. Yes, we completely forgot. Those who combine growth hormone with Clenbuterol should know that Clenbuterol (like Ephedrine) also reduces their own insulin and L-T3 production. Let’s admit, all together it sounds somewhat complicated and when you first read it, someone may have a headache, but it is really difficult: the somatotropic hormone has a significant effect on many hormones of the human body, which makes it impossible for a simple regimen. As already mentioned, somatotropic hormone is not cheap, and those who intend to use it should know about it. If just want along with “proirostom” burn fat, you should pay attention only to the case of the mountain thyroid L-T3, as, for example, written in the instructions for use of the drug “Genotropin” firms “Kabi Pharmacy”: “The need for thyroid hormone often increases with the treatment of mountain growth”.

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Most athletes who would like to use somatotropic hormone can get a prescription for it from a doctor only in an extremely unbelievable case, and as a possibility of acquiring it, only the black market remains. This is another reason why one or another is disappointed in the action of the hormone. And how could it be otherwise, if instead of an expensive somatotropic hormone, he was shoved with cheap HCG. And since both drugs are dry matter, you just need to re-stick the HCG label, replacing it with a drug “Zerono”, “Zaitsen” or at “Humatrop” firm lilly. The one who once paid 22 DM for 5000 IU HCG, which costs only 20-25 DM, and thinks, at the same time, that he got 4 m. somatotropic hormone, it will be no laughing matter. And if you think that this happens only with beginners and ignorant, so ask Ben Johnson. “Huge ben”who fell victim to 3 controls within 5 days because of a high level of testosterone, was a victim not of his own stupidity, but of deceivers, fraudsters. “According to statistics from the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacology, 42% “hormones” from the North American black market – fake”. (Spiegel, №11, 1993). Poor Ben, if I may say so! Even a German magazine “For pharmacists” and that in a course of this problematics. In his edition No. 26 of July 1, 1993, he writes in an article “Growth Hormone Drugs: Medicinal Fakes in the Bodybuilding World”: “The cases that have become known are connected with the Dutch and USAn labels … Besides the inscriptions in Dutch and USAn, the ministry’s known forgeries are different from the originals by the fact that dry matter is a pure powder, nothing else. Fakes apply labels labeled “Humatrope, 16” supposedly firms “Lilly” (with Dutch writing) either “Somatogen” (in USAn). And nowhere so much you will not earn fraud, as with counterfeit somatotropic hormone. And who, in fact, ever tried a hormone and knows what it looks like?

In very rare cases, it may also be that the body reacts to an exogenous somatotropic hormone by producing antibodies and this makes it ineffective, i.e. neutralizes its action. Before we get to the extremely difficult topics of dosages and regimens, the question arises: who in general takes growth hormones? Well, quite a decent amount of athletes, as evidenced by quotes: “Charlie Francis, Canadian athlete coach Ben Johnson, told how Ben and numerous athletes of the 1993 Olympic Games. burst out, with growth hormones ahead. Francis had a strong case for using growth hormones in US athletics stars. In a short, non-press conversation with a large athlete named Stridem, this massive athlete made it clear that he was convinced that almost all professionals use somatotropin. He further added that he had nothing to fear from doping controls in 1990, until he was tested for growth hormones.” (reference book on anabolic steroids, June, 1989, №11).

“There is a serious suspicion that top athletes challenging the title “Mrs. Olympia”, take growth hormones, because it helps them get their incredibly well-defined muscles and makes them look like women” (Handbook of Anabolic, 5th ed., 1990). These are mainly top athletes who apply hormone growth and believe that insulin enhances their effects. “Such a professional consumes 12 IU daily fast muscle growth steroids in his preparation for the competition. Taking hormones, they believe that they act correctly only in combination with insulin” (Mass Media 2000, Oct / November, 1993, No. 34).

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Shortly before the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, American scientists were able to produce a synthetic version of growth hormones. And then the American athletes were prepared for the games in California with the help of a hormone that was not on the list of drugs subject to control. After reporting on the success of the pharmacy product immediately appeared on the doping market for domestic runners. Professional – football player Lile Altsaf, who died of a brain tumor a few months ago (author’s note: there are rumors among people that he may have died from Jacob Kreuzfeld’s disease), shortly before his death, he admitted that he had taken hormones for 16 weeks and said That 80% of American football professionals do this too. Ban Johnson convicted of anabolic steroids in 1988 in Seoul, admitted to the Canadian government investigation commission that he also tried growth hormones. For 10 bottles of the hormone, he paid 10,000 dollars. His physician, Jorge Estafan, as Johnson was aware of, compiled hormone programs for his colleagues Mark McCoy, Angela Isenko, and Desiah Williams. Sportswoman – sprinter jumping through the barrier Julia Roachlin, who today runs for Switzerland under the name of Baumanle, also acquired hormones on the black market of the Montreal arena. Among women, Gail Dvers won the 100-meter race (1992, Olympic Games in Barcelona, ​​ca. av.), After she had just suffered a terrible dysfunction of the thyroid gland – a known side effect of hormone therapy. Such secrets are only reinforced by current market data. Two US firms “Geneache” and “Eli lilly” in 1992 they earned about 800 million dollars for their hormone products. Only “Geneache” had an increase in turnover compared with last year at 11%. Chemists stressed: they make medicine only for patients with growth retardation. And yet, the US Department of Pharmacy sees this differently: the US government recently added hormones to the list of illicit drugs and faces a prison sentence of 5 years for a week’s possession of the drug. “Many of the best wrestlers consume growth hormones, while paying up to $ 30,000 a year, as, for example, in the case of some completely determined athlete of big bodybuilding. Anyone who uses hormones for a shorter period of time (8 weeks) pays up to $ 150 daily for a daily dose. And since top athletes are accused of taking hormones, their curiosity is growing in low circles”. (Daniel Duchain, Underground Steroid Handbook, 2).

It is very difficult to answer the question of the correct dosage, type and duration of administration. Because No scientific research has been carried out on how to optimally take somatotropic hormone; here you can only proceed from experience. In case of pituitary growth failure due to the absence or insufficient release of growth hormone by the pituitary, manufacturers recommend a weekly dose of an average of 0.6 IU / kg of weight. A 100 kg athlete would have to receive 60 IU injections per week. In this case, the dose would be divided into 3 intramuscular injections of 20 IU per week. Another possibility of admission – subcutaneous injections, which then would be worth to enter daily, most often 8 IU per day. Top athletes working with the hormone and having enough money, take daily, according to experience, 4 – 8 IU. At the same time, they prefer, as a rule, weekly subcutaneous injections. Because Somatotropic hormone has a half-life of less than an hour, it is not surprising that many athletes divide their daily dose into 2 – 3 small subcutaneous injections of 2 IU. Administration of regular small doses seems more effective. There are reasons for this: if a somatotropic hormone is injected, the serum concentration in the blood rises quickly, which means that the action is fast. As we know, somatotropic hormone stimulates the liver to produce and release somatomedins and insulin-like factors, which cause the desired effects to happen later in the body. Because the liver can produce only a limited amount of these two substances; one can doubt that with large injections the liver is able to produce at once the corresponding number peptides for muscle growth for sale of somatomedins and insulin-like growth factors. Therefore, the liver is likely to respond better to frequent low dosages.

Who repeatedly injects a somatotropic hormone solution in the same place several times, the disappearance of adipose tissue can occur there. Therefore, the injection site should be constantly changed in order to avoid local lipotrophy (disappearance of adipose tissue). In the course of the years, one thing has nevertheless become clear: the effect of the growth hormone depends on the dosage. This means the following: either stock up on money and take it correctly, or better leave it. Current doses are somewhere around 4 IU per day. For comparison: the pituitary gland of a healthy adult daily releases 0.5 – 1.5 IU of growth hormones, the duration of the intake often depends on the financial capacity of the athlete. Judging by experience, somatotropic hormone is taken most often from at least 6 weeks to several months. Interestingly, the effect of the hormone does not decrease after a few weeks, so with earlier dosage, improvements are often achieved. Bodybuilding athletes who have a positive experience with the use of somatotropic hormone, say that the accumulated strength and especially the muscles most of the time remain after the end of hormone intake. American doctor Dr. William N. Taylor confirms this in his book. “Anabolic steroids and athletes”where on page 75 you can read: “Exposing athletes that the strength and weight achieved after the termination of the hormone is saved, means an increase in the number of muscle cells (hyperplasia). In fact, strength and muscles can grow even after months, because thanks to the training, the muscle hypertrophy they stimulate is transferred to the newly acquired muscle cells“.

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It only remains to explain what happens to insulin and the thyroid hormone L-T3. Athletes who are in the initial phase of muscle growth and take somatotropic hormone do not need normal exogenous insulin. Here it is advised, no later than every 3 hours to eat well, which translates into 6-7 meals a day. With this, the body has to constantly release insulin and the blood sugar level does not drop so much. And the thyroid hormone L-T3 in this phase is reluctantly taken by athletes. But in any case, check with your doctor while taking a hormone level of thyroid hormone. Synchronous application of a / a steroids and / or Clenbuterol, judging by experience, is used. In preparation for the competition, thyroid hormones are taken intensively and separately, as well as insulin along with somatotropic hormone, just like steroids and Clenbuterol. With insulin – the next. On the basis of the enormous damaging potential that it can have in non-diabetics, insulin, if used incorrectly, will make you FAT! Too much insulin activates certain enzymes that convert glucose to glycerol, and then to triglycerol. Too little insulin, especially during the diet phase, reduces the anabolic effect of somatotropic hormone. What is the conclusion of the dilemma? Reception at the qualified doctor who will give the athlete advice and will regularly monitor the level of sugar in the blood and urine during exogenous insulin delivery. Athletes are usually injected with a medium-acting dose of insulin with a maximum duration of exposure of 24 hours 1 time per day. For this, as a rule, apply “Insulin -human”, such as, “Insulin – N – Depot” = “Depot – N – Insulin” firms “Hohst”. Short-acting insulin with a maximum exposure time of 8 hours is used by athletes less frequently. And here prefer “insulin human”, eg, “H – Insulin” firms “Hohst”.

The undesirable effect of growth hormones, the so-called side effects, is a very interesting topic causing hot discussions. First of all, it should be said that somatotropic hormone causes side effects that are not similar to those of a / a steroids, as well as a decrease in its own testosterone production, acne, hair loss, aggressiveness, elevated estrogen levels, the virilization phenomenon in women, enhanced water-salt retention etc. The main problems, as a rule, are a possible lack of sugar in the blood or a possible hypofunction of the thyroid gland. Occurring in rare cases, the formation of antibodies to growth hormone is not clinically significant. But what about the horrible stories about acromegamy, bone deformations, heart enlargement, problems with various organs, gigantism and premature death? To answer this, the line between hormone intake in the pre- and post-tuberted periods should be drawn. Growth is possible if the person is in the pre-tuberted period. After that, bone growths are impossible neither due to endogenous hypersecretion of growth hormones, nor due to excessive exogenous inflow of somatotropic hormone. And gigantism (the growth of adults), which develops with a noticeable influx of strength and muscle hardness and in the absence of treatment leads to death, is possible only in the pre-harvested period, and also in people suffering from hypofunction of the sex glands (hypogonadism). In people suffering from endogenous hypersecretion in the post-quenched period and with normal completed growth, acromegamy can occur. Bones become thicker, wider, but no longer. There is an increased growth of the hands and feet, as well as an increase in facial features: due to the growth of the lower jaw and nose. Cardiac muscle and kidney may increase in volume and weight. Often, it begins with an accompanying increase in muscle strength and strength, but ends with weakness, diabetes, heart disease, and premature death.

And what the mass media readily do is that they present extreme cases with sick people as scaring examples and for hammering in athletes about what fate awaits them when taking growth hormones. And yet this is incredible, as reality has shown. Among the numerous athletes taking somatotropin, relatively few two-meter Neanderthals with an extended jaw and 56 feet in size. In order to avoid misunderstanding: we do not want to mitigate side effects that occur in healthy adults, but we want to try to explain: acromegamy, diabetes, myocardial hypertrophy, high blood pressure, growth of the kidneys and liver can theoretically occur with excessive and prolonged use of growth hormone. But in practice – especially with regard to the appearance of athletes – they are rare. More frequent problems with somatotropic hormone arise, judging by experience, mainly when the athlete intends to additionally inject insulin.

The active chemical somatotropin is a dry powder and must be diluted with the enclosed solution in an ampoule before injection. The finished solution should be immediately introduced, or should be stored in the refrigerator, but not more than 24 hours. It is advised to store in the refrigerator and unused drug. The biological activity of growth hormones during storage at room temperature (15 – 25 C) for up to 4 weeks does not decrease (claim: “Zayden”) and yet you should prefer a cool place (2-8C). In German pharmacies 4 m. “Genotropin”, “Humatropa”, “Zaydena” cost about 190.72 DM per bottle and ampoule with a solution (Cr. List, 1993). Original foreign products rarely found on the black market are the same as in German pharmacies. There are fakes, and, as mentioned, many of them. Growth hormones are included in the doping list, but are not detectable with doping controls. Something to conclude: from reliable American circles, we learned that American and Australian scientists invented insulin-like growth factor. If it goes on the market, the growth hormone will be past. The body would receive from the outside a greater amount of this substance at its disposal than it can produce by the liver under the influence of growth hormone injections. Science makes possible the development of the human body to infinite boundaries.


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