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Active chemical: formbolon.

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Esiclen 1 mg drop: LPB Italy; Biopharma Portugal.


Hydrocortistab injection (hydrocortisone)

 Esiclen 2 mg / 2ml: LPB Italy.

Biopharma Portugal

Melzack & Katz, Pain. Part 17j: cortisol, good or bad? Sensitivity to pain traumatization.

 Esiclen 5 mg tbl .: LPB Italy; Biopharma Portugal.

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 Huburnol (Governor) 1 mg caps .: ICN Hubber (Gubber) Spain.

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Esiclen – a steroid that falls out of this series and is different from the rest. The active chemical exists in various forms of packaging. Athletes are interested only in injectable form. Esclenus is not a suitable steroid in terms of its anabolic effects. And yet, just in it is highly appreciated and diversified, since it has an unusual quality to reduce in the shortest possible time a large amount of any other substance. How? Esiklen stimulates muscle tissue, which is injected. The tissue reacts with local inflammation. There is an influx of tissue fluid from the lymphatic system, the muscle involved swells up and increases in size. It should be emphasized once again that the accumulation of fluid does not occur in the skin, but in the muscle tissue. That is why all other forms of release have no value for an athlete. Because inflammation often occurs with pain, each ampule of esiclean contains, in addition to the whole, 20 mg of ucacaine, which somewhat relieves pain. The injection itself is not painful, but leaves an unpleasant pain at the injection site for about a day. Because the chemical substance is dissolved in water, eskylen has a limited duration of action and swelling disappears every other day, and after 4–5 days the muscle acquires its normal value. Esiklen is used by athletes, as a rule, in the last 7-14 days before the competition, in order to bring this or that muscle group into proper shape. To compensate for the decline in puffiness, it is injected daily. Small muscle groups (biceps, triceps, back delta, calf) are particularly suitable for this.

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Within one to two weeks, temporary increases in size up to 1 – 3 cm occur on the arms and legs. At the same time, 2 – 3 different muscle groups are usually not processed at once. Often begin with an injection of 1 ml in order to increase the dose to 2 ml = 1 ampoule per muscle over the next days. Esiklen injected with this purpose insulin needles. Women love him very much. It is known that Esiklen, like many other steroids in solutions, contributes to the elasticity of the muscles of the athlete and therefore helps in the preparatory period for the competition. Some athletes use Esiclee for a longer period of time at regular equal intervals, usually 2 ml every 5-7 days in order to excite an extremely obstinate hand or spawn to growth. With the exception of pain at the injection site, and in some cases slightly swollen muscles, there are no other significant negative accompanying phenomena. It is very difficult to find it on the black market and soon it will probably disappear altogether from sale, since the Italian company LPB will probably remove this drug from the sale. 6 ampoules are in a box with removable plastic packaging. In the ampoule 2 ml of injection fluid, where 4 mg of the active chemical substance is dissolved. This drug is ridiculously cheap. In Italy, a pack of 6 ampoules costs 4-5 DM. On the black market, the ampoule is sold, judging by experience, at 6-7 DM per apiece. There are no fakes.

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