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Erection and Steroids: how AAS consumption effects Erectile function and how Kamagra pills can influence this

In this article, we would like to briefly discuss with a male bodybuilders audience how steroids affect erection, penis size and overall sex life.

Let’s remember a little bit about how in general affect potency without the use of oral or injectable steroids.

If you are a regular visitor to the gym (we congratulate you) since constant training generally enhances the endurance of the body, and some types of exercises increase the blood supply to the pelvic organs, which significantly increases the level of potency. For example, leg press, barbell squats, cycling, etc. These exercises also prevent the occurrence of male health problems.

Everyone knows that the level of potency indicates the state of the whole organism. Therefore, the more you improve your physiological form, the higher your level of potency will be. Probably often you have heard the prospect of a negative effect of steroid drugs on potency frightening you. I suggest to understand this The effect of steroids is to increase the level of testosterone in the body, which leads to increased potency.

Speaking in a scientific language, the intake of synthetic androgens (especially aromatizing steroids) in the body inhibits the production of testosterone in the body. Estrogen (aromatizing steroids), dihydrotestosterone, progesterone, and opiates negatively affect the production of testosterone.

How to prevent the suppression of testosterone production? 3 valuable advices

You can prevent your body at the molecular level from inhibiting the production of male hormone if you:

  • Refuse round-the-clock use of highly androgenic steroids. Use tablet steroids (half dose in the morning, half at noon). Although their effectiveness is slightly inferior to injectable drugs, but this can be offset by an increase in the period of use of tablet steroids.
  • Use moderate doses of “mild” steroid drugs that almost do not inhibit testosterone production (for example, Sustanon, Omnadren, Testenat, Testosterone Cypionate, NPP, etc.).
  • Use antiandrogens, but do not abuse them, in order to avoid stopping the growth of “mass”.

And finally, many  athletes mistake when they believe that the larger the cycle – the longer it will take to recover. But this is not so, recovery takes the same time, even with an 8-week cycle, even with a 12-week cycle. The main thing is that a timely and correct recovery cycle will not create problems for you.

So your task is to correctly and competently plan the cycle, in which I am ready to help you!

Does steroid use reduce your penis?

The answer is no! But your testicles will become smaller – steroids compress your tisticles, because when you inject additional testosterone into the body, a signal goes into the tisticles that it is enough and no longer needed. The tisticles shrink and await the phase when your body needs testosterone again. Each testicle compresses individually: there are those in which they did not compress at all. Rich Piana has been taking steroids for 25 years and his tisticles have shrunk by 25%.

Does steroid use increase penis size?

As for the size of the penis, then everything is simple. The use of steroids increases the blood supply in your body by 8-16%. You have a better sensation of pump, the muscles are better poured in blood, because more blood runs through your veins. The same thing happens when you have an erection – there is more blood in your body, which means that the blood flow to the penis increases by an average of 10% during an erection. He will become leaner and bigger. As for the calm non-erect state, the same picture is observed here – due to the greater volume of blood in the body, the penis grows by 8-16%. This is precisely for some “chemists” the very reason why it is sometimes difficult to get off the cycle of steroids. During the cycle, the body has increased testosterone, more erection, more penis, more desire to have sex, you feel more confident.

After the cycle, the penis becomes the size as before, but this is not a reason for sadness. Tisticles grow as they begin to work and produce their testosterone. Of cycle, after using steroids, the first month is post-cycle depression and your testosterone drops rapidly. That is why, before the end of the steroid cycle, you need to take testosterone boosters.

Male libido after a cycle of artificial hormones suffers for physiological and psychological reasons. The body is saturated with testosterone, while natural secretion is reduced. Let’s see how steroids affect the body of men and what are the ways to solve the problem.

The male body, like the female one, is sensitive to various drugs and artificial “helpers”. The main problem of the male population of the planet who are actively involved in is steroids and impotence.

Steroids or androgens are male sex hormones. They are responsible for the formation of primary and secondary sexual characteristics. They increase testosterone, as a result, puberty and protein accumulation in the body quickly occur.

In medicine, they are used only with late sexual development and with underdeveloped signs of sex. Athletes take them for a quick set of muscle mass. Regular and active use of hormones contributes to less excretion of your own steroids by the body. Negative processes can be prevented only by taking short-acting components.

Anabolics allow the athlete to build lean muscles. They have increased strength indicators. You can get rid of extra pounds, and bodybuilders to prepare the body for the competition. However, there is another side to the coin called impotence from steroids.

Erection problems you may face after cycle

After regular intake of drugs in men, sexual desire decreases, erection is disturbed. The main effect on the body is male sex hormones, and in steroids this component is enough. It is a synthetic analogue of a natural element. Excess testosterone forms a rapid increase in muscle mass, a decrease in body fat. Extra strength, endurance, and bone tissue appear.

In the first months, men do not notice a bad boner after the cycle. In the body, on the contrary, potency increases. But if you continue to drink, then the problems begin. Excess testosterone reduces the production of hormones by the body. At this stage, sexual function depends on the elements that the drug gives.

After completing the cycle, men face an urgent problem.
The level of sex hormones drops sharply to a minimum, sexual desire disappears, and erectile dysfunction sets in. Therefore, men do not stand after a cycle of steroids.

The reasons may lie in this:

  1. Improper use of the complex.
  2. Increased dosage.
  3. Poor circulation in the pelvic area.
  4. Chronic diseases
  5. Increased prolactin.

But do not forget about psychogenic impotence. Many guys, after using the drug, inspire themselves that problems with potency should begin, that steroids are not worth it, etc. A person, in principle, proves a lot of things to himself, thinks up and believes in them.

Medical studies have shown that impotence is more common in men with alcohol dependence than in people who use hormones. Physiological problems are treated with steroids. It is unlikely that urologists would like to put pressure on the guys and “hit the patient.”
The concept of “cancellation”

When describing the problem – after the cycle of steroids is not worth it – you can not miss the “withdrawal” syndrome. This is such a reaction of the human psyche to the end of the cycle.

As mentioned earlier, during the use of the drug, new hormones appear in men, so natural ones are not produced. At the end of the cycle, problems appear, they affect the moral state of a person.

There are several outcomes:

  • If the Kamagra tablets are consumed for 1-2 months, then the recovery will be quick. With the disappearance of artificial testosterone, the body begins to independently produce it. Gradually, sexual functions normalize.
  • Erectile function impairment also occurs in porn actors. They also take drugs, only in smaller doses than athletes.
  • Men in adrenopause also fall into this category. These representatives of the stronger sex are “tired of life”, they are not attracted to anything, there is no desire to do anything. They have a bad cycle, as it is associated with age and serious illnesses. Hormone therapy, on the contrary, brings them back to normal.

If a guy is not interested in professional activities, does not need a cycle of treatment or victory in tournaments, then steroids are not to start taking. Do not force the body when it can itself produce all the hormones and enzymes that it needs for a normal life. But still there are situations when one cannot cope without artificial elements.
Rollback after steroids

The so-called rollback is a return to its former form.

Athletes think that taking steroids without a pullback is possible. But this is not so. After each cycle, the body begins to recover and roll back to its previous shape. Therefore, athletes are attached to these drugs. To achieve the desired shape, they only need steroids, and there are almost no “pure” or “natural” bodybuilders.

Men need to be prepared for kickbacks and not worth it after methane. A certain part of the gained mass remains, it depends on the genetic predisposition. The whole process can take several weeks or months.

Why does the rollback begin? The reasons are simple:

The body spends resources economically.
Keeping excess muscle mass is unprofitable.

During the cycle, the guy breaks the balance of all components in the body. Therefore, it is quickly restored, it is gaining weight, anabolism rises. But with the cessation of the cycle, catabolic processes begin. As a result, there is such a problem that a man is not well after the cycle.

Each time, using artificial hormones, a person needs to calculate the cycling steroids, take a break, calculate the “pits” and “take-offs”. It is also to regularly change drugs so that they do not negatively affect the body.

When using steroids, an athlete can hardly rest and exercise a lot. If you do it on your own, the body reacts differently. After each strong workout, you need rest, time for recovery. Therefore, two small theories are deduced from which athletes need to build on:

Professional – if it is possible to earn money in and take part in competitions, then additional doping makes sense. But in this case, they must be taken until the career ends.
Amateur – if training does not imply a commercial side, then you should not start taking it, rollback after steroids can not be avoided. Natural and natural forms are more attractive.

How to solve a problem with a help of Sildenafil (Kamagra pills)?

After taking the drug, the man discovers that he is not standing after the cycle, and there is one question in his head: “what to do?” After each steroid use, there should be a recovery period with minimal loss. There will always be weight loss after the cycle ends. During rest, you need to make sure that the muscles you gain are not destroyed.

During this period, you need to act according to this scheme:

  • Concentrate on the natural production of Erections shop.
  • Restore libido and spermatogenesis.
  • Normalize the liver, control the level of bilirubin.
  • Eat well and eat cholesterol foods.
  • Reduce cortisol.

While artificial testosterone is present in the body, a man does not feel problems, but only when he dissolves does the problem begin and after the cycle is bad. This issue is being solved by the activation of one’s own secretion. After 2-3 weeks, all artificial testosterone goes away, with the help of special drugs like Kamagra (Sildenafil) you can stimulate the natural process. If you quickly start recovery, it turns out that the man took the cycle without a rollback or with minimal losses.

To know what to do, if after the cycle is not worth it, you need to consult a doctor. For a comprehensive solution to the problem, some tests will be needed – blood, LH, somatomedin C, estradiol, cortisol, prolactin.

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