PCT – steroids for sale
Any novice athlete knows that taking steroid drugs helps to build muscle faster, increase stamina and get rid of body fat. However, not everyone thinks about what mechanism is the basis of this process. So, the intake of hormones from the outside inevitably affects the natural production of these substances by the body itself – synthesis decreases, and in some cases (when the recommended doses are exceeded) it completely stops. There is only one way to prevent this severe side effect: use the drugs prescribed by your doctor and only in the volume recommended by him or by the instructions enclosed.
To control the level of female sex hormones – progestogen and estradiol, it is recommended to use certain drugs, but they are not able to increase the level of male androgen or affect its natural production by the body. Therefore, at the end of the use of such drugs, athletes are prescribed rehabilitation treatment aimed at enhancing the natural functions of the reproductive system and increasing testosterone levels. Such therapy not only normalizes the hormonal background of a man, but also returns the previous level of working capacity to the body.
What you need to know
Decreasing the negative consequences allows a responsible approach to building a course of taking steroid drugs after course therapy (PCT). The choice of medications should always be trusted by a specialist who will select them based on the individual characteristics of the patient’s health status. In this case, one should not trust the advice of friends or colleagues in the gym: pharmaceutical preparations act differently for each organism, therefore, the desired effect from taking may be lower or completely absent, and in some situations it will turn into serious pathological consequences for health.

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