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Peptides – organic substances (and a group of medications with them at the base), containing multicomponent molecules formed by the remains of alpha amino acids. The latter are connected in a continuous chain by amide (peptide) bonds, which gave the name to this group. Medicines of this class include both artificially created (chemical) and natural compounds, while one molecule may include several thousand such units.

Peptides are a huge class.
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In addition to the fact that it includes several thousand compounds, each of them is capable of performing various functions in the human body. Among them are those that contribute to the burning of body fat, muscle growth and the formation of relief, and therefore are successfully used in sports and, in particular, in bodybuilding.
Growth hormone (growth hormone) or human growth hormone is a steroid, the synthesis of which is performed by the anterior pituitary gland. Belongs to the class of polypeptide steroids, like prolactin and lactogen. In a healthy person, growth hormone production is performed in short periods, peaking several times a day, with the maximum jump occurring at night (1-2 hours after going into sleep, and then repeating every 3-5 hours). The older a person, the less steroid his brain produces; by old age, his secretion decreases to a critical minimum. However, violations of the hormone production are also possible for young people: they can affect the change in the norm in one direction or another:

head injuries;
pathological and / or chronic diseases;
taking certain groups of drugs and even dietary supplements.

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