Hair loss – steroids for sale
Alopecia or hair loss is a common occurrence for both sexes. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, and it is they that form the basis for determining the type of pathology and the choice of drugs for their treatment. A comprehensive medical examination will help establish the true causes of baldness, and the choice of medication should be carried out by a qualified specialist.
The main causes of baldness in the stronger sex include:
1. Hormonal dysfunction of the body. It usually occurs as a result of a high level of sexual androgen in the blood, which leads to the destruction of hair follicles.
2. Genetic predisposition when alopecia are inherited (in 70% of the maternal line).
3. Disorders of psycho-emotional health. This category includes stress, prolonged depression, sleep disturbances and other provoking factors.
4. Autoimmune diseases. This is a group of chronic diseases, for the complete cure of which it is necessary to completely destroy the body’s immune defense.
5. Improper diet and bad habits.
6. Taking potent drugs.
7. Lack of vitamins, micro and macro elements in the body.
Recent factors are also relevant for women.
It is worth remembering that alopecia is not a sentence, and modern medicine knows many ways to treat it. The list of tools to combat baldness includes:

vitamin and mineral complexes;
biologically active additives;
external agents (ointments, suspensions);
cosmetics (shampoos, gels, masks).

The main condition for a successful cure is to make the right choice of funds and better if a specialist helps.

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