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Testosterone suspension, unlike most essential forms of the hormone, is non-esterified. Steroid is most often used by athletes at the final stage of preparation for a competition, or even on the eve of a responsible start.

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Effects of taking testosterone suspension

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  • The increase in power indicators.
  • The growth of muscle mass.
  • Increased insulin-like growth factor.
  • Fat reduction.
  • Increased oxygen mass of blood.
  • Increased libido.

Despite the fact that the nature of the effects on the body, the suspension of testosterone is no different from other forms of the hormone, there are still some features that determine its relevance. First, it is a rapid half-life. Secondly, the rapid anabolic effect, which is felt already a day after the injection (or even earlier). This substance has the greatest similarity with propionate.

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Steroid course

testosterone suspension

A high concentration of the active substance in the blood is observed for 2 days, and therefore injections are performed daily. Daily dosage ranges from 50 to 100 milligrams. Given the frequency of injections, it is advisable to make them in different places: this will prevent local adverse reactions. The duration of taking a testosterone suspension is 4–5 weeks. Severe steroid suppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicle axis requires gonadotropin intake and means of restoring endogenous testosterone levels.

Professional athletes very often combine a suspension of testosterone with vitamin B12 or with other AAS. The soreness of injections can be reduced with a combination of lidocaine or novocaine. For a set of muscle mass in the course should include Boldenone or Nandrolone.

Side effects

High androgenic activity determines frequent acne, gynecomastia and fluid accumulation. From the very beginning of the course, it is desirable to start taking anti-estrogens. No toxicity to the liver, except for very high dosages. As for the pain of the injection, it is less than that of propionate.

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