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Testosterone propionate is an esterified form of the hormone, with the smallest period of action. It is mainly used in the period of "drying" to preserve gained muscle mass. But it can also be used by representatives of cyclic related to endurance. A preparation based on propionate contains a molecule of testosterone, with propionic acid ester attached to it, causing the pharmacological properties and characteristics of this substance.

testosterone propionate

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Testosterone Propionate Course

Testosterone cypionate: how to make a course of admission, side effects

The solo course is best suited for beginner athletes who want to gain or maintain muscle volume. Testosterone Propionate is rarely used as the only drug on the cycle, because it has a high androgenic activity and is perfectly combined with many pharmacological agents. The first course of testosterone propionate solo is best to start with a dosage of 50 milligrams, with a frequency of injections every other day. This makes it possible to track the body's response to a substance and to ensure equality of hormonal levels. More experienced athletes use at least 100 milligrams every other day. In principle, the dosage is selected individually and depends on the goal of the athlete, his experience, as well as individual physiological indicators. Course duration is 4 to 6 weeks. Given the frequency of injections, it is important to know how to prick a steroid correctly so that no lumps form at the injection site.

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Side effects

Testosterone propionate – how to take, instruction

Most often, athletes complain of itching, redness and pain at the injection site. For professionals, of course, this is not a problem. Those who are interested in the result at any cost easily cope with this kind of discomfort. The real side effects of propionate are an excessive burst of aggression and estrogenic manifestations. Instructions for the use of testosterone propionate is required to read, because non-compliance with the instructions can cause reactions in the form of body hair growth, prostate enlargement, masculinization, acne and gynecomastia. In addition, testosterone-based drugs significantly suppress the hormone secretion by the body, and PCT is required at the end of the course. If taking testosterone for a long time, and exceeds 6 weeks, then it is imperative to include gonadotropin (500 IU each week) from the second week of the course. High androgenic activity makes steroid use by women extremely undesirable.


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