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Testosterone mix is ​​an anabolic and androgenic steroid from an Indian pharmaceutical company. Form release – injections. The main active ingredient is a mixture of testosterone. The preparation consists of four different esters – propionate, phenylpropionate, isocarpoate and decanoate.

testosterone mix

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Effects of Testosterone mix

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  • The increase in muscle mass (on average, the athlete gains about 6 kilograms of muscle per month).
  • Suppression of catabolic processes.
  • Increased appetite.
  • Stimulation of red blood cell production. Testosterone mix increases the amount of oxygen delivered to the muscles, which ensures their more productive work.
  • Increased libido (possible weakening of sexual desire after completion of the course).
  • Positive effect on phosphorus metabolism and nitrogen balance.

How to take Testosterone mix

Testosterone propionate – how to take, instruction

The Testosterone mix course is not for athletes who have not reached the age of majority or who have any contraindications. To maintain the stability of the hormonal background, injections are carried out once a week, the dosage varies from 250 to 500 milligrams. Introduction – intramuscular in the gluteal region. Starting from the second week of the course, aromatase inhibitors are connected. When the prescribed safe dosages are exceeded, the level of estrogen in the blood must be monitored. 21 days after drug withdrawal, PCT is performed. Testosterone boosters and Tamoxifen are used for this purpose. Post-course therapy allows you to completely restore the secretion of your own testosterone within a month. Novice athletes will be quite enough solo course using specialized nutrition to gain muscle mass.


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Side effects

The mixture is no different from any other form of hormone, and therefore also shows estrogenic activity. Possible side effects of Testosterone mix: excessive fatty deposits, suppression of secretion of own testosterone, gynecomastia, puffiness. To prevent most undesirable reactions, it is enough to include anti-estrogens in the course (best of all, aromatase inhibitors). Drugs such as Tamoxifen (and other selective estrogen receptor modulators) are best used when the steroid is taken. For prolonged courses, gonadotropin is to avoid reactions associated with the suppression of endogenous testosterone production.

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