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Unlike injectable methenolone, the oral “version” of this drug can be considered practically useless. The fact is that methenolone acetate is not an alkylated steroid, therefore it is subject to active destruction by the liver. To increase the bioavailability of the drug, the methyl group was introduced into position 1, but in practice this did not give much. The bioavailability of oral methenolone is very low (does not exceed 20%, and according to some data it is even twice as low), to achieve a more or less pronounced effect, the daily dose should not be less than 100-150 mg (some experts even offer 200-300 mg which It seems to me closer to the truth). Given the very high price of the drug and the low efficacy of even the above doses, one could hardly expect its wide distribution.


Currently, oral primobolan is almost out of use in strength – neither nor powerlifting to use men can not recommend it. At the same time, Methenolone Acetate can be considered a good “female” drug.

Side effects

None at any dosage.


More or less tangible effect can be expected only at dosages exceeding 200 mg of metenolone acetate per day. Take the drug should be throughout the day in small portions – it can also slightly increase its bioavailability.

Combination with other drugs


Methenolone acetate is used exclusively during the “drying” period, it is best to combine its use with such drugs as drostanolone, fluoxymesterone or stanozolol.

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