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Buy liothyronine (T3) online

Liothyronine is a thyroid medicine that is in high demand in both traditional and medicine: in the medical field it connects primarily for the treatment of thyroid diseases (from goiter to myxedema), and in practice it is mainly for the development of athleticism (from burning fat to quality muscle growth). Due to its non-specific hormonal origin, it is used in both men and women.

The use of liothyronine in bodybuilding

Reviews of athletes who used liothyronine for purposes describe it only positively: due to its wide range of action, it seems to be a relevant product for virtually any physical sport — it is effectively used from fitness in women to in men.

The average dosage of liothyronine is from 5–25 µg to 50–100 µg per day: it is to start taking it with the minimum amount of a substance (from 5–25 µg per day) to determine tolerance by the body, and then gradually increase the volume (to 50–100 mcg per day) to determine the optimal dose.

The course of application of liothyronine on average continues 4-8 whole weeks. Longer, it is usually not used because of the increased risk of side effects and tolerance, annihilating the advantages of the substance. It is important to understand that the correct duration of administration, as well as the dosage, is chosen by the athlete individually, otherwise it may be insufficient or, on the contrary, excessive. And this is fraught with consequences!

For maximum progress, it is preferable not to abuse, but combined use of liothyronine: for safety it is combined with beta-blockers (to reduce the load on the cardiovascular system), and for efficacy with clenbuterol, growth hormone, even steroids (to enhance drying). Combined courses are the right choice for experienced athletes, but precautions must be taken.

Side effects

Side effects of liothyronine: with abuse – allergic reactions to the substance or components in the composition of the drug, the development of heart failure and angina pectoris; in case of overdose, thyrotoxicosis, increased sweating, tremor, anxiety, irritability, anorexia, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, fever, headaches and dysmenorrhea.

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